Journal entries ordered by “2017”


26th June 2017

Emergency action in the office: Until a leak is fixed, Emily is bailing out the pond… more


23rd June 2017

Pre-birthday celebrations for Michael, not a lover of cake so we’ve thrown him a pizza party…. more


22nd June 2017

Goldsmith’s photography student, Anna, is on a work placement with our friends at Crying Out Loud…. more


21st June 2017

It’s the hottest day of the year so we’ve got lollies to help us cool down. more


20th June 2017

Matt stole a few moments to discuss website designs with Alice and Freya at the South… more


19th June 2017

Anna brought a nice book back from the University of Greenwich graphics end of year show…. more


16th June 2017

Our indoor garden needs a fair amount of maintenance. Green-fingered Emily does the business for us. more


14th June 2017

It’s World Blood Donor Day. Michael’s showing off his badges ahead of the UK’s National Blood… more


13th June 2017

Our toaster’s toast. After years of loyal service we are saying goodbye to our loyal toaster,… more


12th June 2017

Our accountant, Mark Cooper is at Michael’s house, finalising our end of year figures. more


8th June 2017

Emi’s here for a briefing meeting about a new site that needs his Spektrix integration skills. more


7th June 2017

Sam and Jessie are visiting, giving Anna the opportunity for a quick cuddle. more


6th June 2017

We’re in the middle of a big room at South London Gallery, presenting ideas for a… more


5th June 2017

Anna’s back in the studio with a colourful box of treats from her holiday in the… more


2nd June 2017

It’s national doughnut day!
Emily was very eager to get stuck into marking the occasion. more


1st June 2017

We had our monthly digital show and tell today talking about which websites we’ve seen and… more


31st May 2017

Matt’s made a cake to celebrate Dan’s birthday. But we didn’t have enough candles to do… more


30th May 2017

Dave and Jess, from The Gulbenkian, are here for training in their new website’s content management… more


26th May 2017

Today is the start of the Greenwich Book Festival. Emily is marking the occasion by tidying… more


25th May 2017

Michael’s been to a Typo Circle talk by one of his design heroes, the remarkable Simon… more


24th May 2017

OK, it’s been a complex couple of days, so we feel justified in cracking open the… more


23rd May 2017

Oooh, embossing. Our latest piece if print, for King’s College London, has just arrived in the… more


22nd May 2017

Admiring their work, Anna and Jack take some time out to look at the designs for… more


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