Journal entries ordered by “2018”


21st June 2018

Matt is photographing Marcia Chandra photographing readers for the Reading Agency. more


20th June 2018

Rebecca Gleave and the rest of the ISM comms team are, talking design and messaging with… more


19th June 2018

Jack’s on his way to a meeting, a short walk, past a big boat, near to… more


18th June 2018

Jack and Michael are visiting our new clients, Rich Mix. They’re in the board room, chatting… more


15th June 2018

Hemali Patel and Gerard Darby are here to meet with Matt and talk about the… more


14th June 2018

Jack and Michael are at The Marlowe, chatting about ways to make their website even better. more


13th June 2018

Kick off tomorrow! We’re sending out our last wall charts ready for the big day. more


11th June 2018

Jack and Alex popped over to Spektrix HQ to see Annie, Matt and Tom today to… more


8th June 2018

Say cheese! As it’s National Cheese week, we’ve brought in samples of our favourite dairy. Rebecca… more


7th June 2018

Anna Wiseman, from Spektrix, is here to chat with Michael and Jack about the ways we… more


6th June 2018

Jack and Michael are meeting with Jen at Rick Mix for a kick-off meeting about a… more


5th June 2018

The Making Music team are here to chat about upgrades to the site we designed for… more


4th June 2018

It’s Alex’s first day at Cog! He’s getting hands on with his fire safety induction. more


1st June 2018

Michael and Jack are in the Midlands, interacting with the architecture and playing in the angles. more


31st May 2018

It’s Dan’s birthday. The number of candles does not reflect his age. more


30th May 2018

Michael and Jack are in Oxford. They arrived early and managed a little sightseeing around the… more


29th May 2018

Emily’s modelling for a project that Dan’s been working on. It’s a secret Cog project, but… more


25th May 2018

Matt’s showing off his impressive multitasking skills while Dan and Anna are off on their holidays…. more


24th May 2018

It’s all cycling and Champagne for Tom as he peddles off to pastures news. Ciao Tom. more


23rd May 2018

Michael’s at the RSA to listen to a debate about the arts in education. Amongst the… more


21st May 2018

Anna’s out doing a photoshoot with the lovely people at Wembley Park. more


18th May 2018

Jen, Craig and Rachel from South Bank have been in to see Anna about a new… more


17th May 2018

Tom’s running off to play football. It’s been a while since we last had a sporty… more


16th May 2018

Michael and Jack are in a converted library, drinking tea and planning for a meeting. more


15th May 2018

It’s Cog Night, we’re at Up the Creek for an impressive bill of comedy in aid… more