Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


25th March 2015

Today is the launch of the first policy document we’ve designed for King’s College London. Jenny… more


17th June 2013

Alessandra sent us an intriguing Yellow Swan last month, this month we’ve invited her to spend… more


2nd April 2013

Dolly Parton made an appearance in the studio today, in the form of the front cover… more


3rd December 2015

It’s late in the studio. We’d been putting up decorations but now it’s film time (with… more


31st July 2017

The team are having a catch up to discuss design options for The National Archives. more


28th August 2013

Michael, Mike and Annelise popped into a cafe for a quick debrief, with Michael and Nadine… more


10th November 2017

Katie and Selma are here, from Artsadmin. We’re chatting through improvements to the website for Unlimited. more


18th January 2016

Ross and Anna are at a meeting in City Hall (with Alice Gimblett and others). Ross… more


14th November 2012

Michael and Ocky have been to Havells Sylvania today to talk about some interesting follow up… more


5th May 2011

First meeting with our new client, Sylvia, from Arts Council England. more


4th July 2012

We have received a delivery of tear resistant paper from Antalis McNaughton. John, Ocky and Michael… more


21st September 2016

It’s our monthly digital show’n’tell. It looks like Anna’s been sucked into a vortex on our… more


3rd April 2014

Its Donnas second day and she is already making changes. First on the list is to… more


3rd March 2015

Ross is putting some finishing touches to a beautifully colour-coded site map. more


11th July 2016

First site of our brand refresh, including ‘Citrine’ as a new colour in our palette. Sæunn… more


16th May 2017

Mathilde has popped in for training on the new English National Ballet website. more


17th May 2016

Michael and Anna are at The Marlowe in Canterbury. Here’s Anna being given a tour of… more


8th August 2016

Sæunn won tickets to see The Truth at Wyndham’s Theatre and therefore gets an honorable mention… more


1st May 2015

In Berlin the May Day celebrations are in full swing. Erica is out in her lunch… more


21st November 2012

Michael and ex-Cogger, James Hurst, have been to the Pencil to Pixel exhibition which charts the… more


9th March 2016

The latest in our series of ‘clients acting like they’re discussing design’ features Gilly and Tony… more


6th June 2016

Michael and our accountant Mark Cooper meet to sign off on a year’s worth of numbers… more


5th March 2015

We’re on the roster of designers for King’s College London. Michael’s at their quarterly catch-up meeting. more