Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


12th March 2013

Another trip up to Doncaster to see Cast, this time with Brian from Tincan (pictured). Great… more


Turner Contemporary

We’ve been working with the wonderful Turner Contemporary since before the iconic gallery opened in 2010…. more


14th July 2015

“…Her future’s so bright she’s gotta wear shades…”
Somebody forgot her glasses and is wearing her prescription… more


7th October 2015

To mark the occasion of the Great British Bake Off final, both Anna and Becca have… more


26th August 2015

Sam is wireframing (yes, it’s fine to use that as a verb) a new site. She’s… more


1st November 2012

In a bid to re-live his student days, we’re listening to Blur and Ocky is eating… more


17th October 2012

Ocky’s been to the printers, to see the linen bags we’ve designed for The Modulator launch,… more


20th March 2014

The very talented designer and creative director, Marc Atkinson (@marc_atkinson) has popped in for a cup… more


3rd September 2013

It’s Greg’s birthday. Here he is, doing his best caterpillar-cake impression (he’s the one on the… more


6th June 2014

Ross, Michael and Donna have been to the University of Greenwich degree show. They were there… more


Brasil:Brazil essay

In 2000 Michael wrote a history of Brazilian music in the programme notes for the Brasil:Brazil… more


3rd December 2014

Michael and Jenny are at the Cultural Institute at King’s London. They’re meeting about our first… more


3rd November 2015

A contingent of graphics students, from Croydon College, are here to ask Michael some challenging questions… more


23rd February 2012

Today, we were visited by students from Abbey Manor College. Hopefully, Michael imparted a little wisdom. more


14th November 2012

Michael and Ocky have been to Havells Sylvania today to talk about some interesting follow up… more


18th May 2012

Today, a very happy Ocky, took delivery of the Cultural Olympiad North West brochure, which we… more


15th July 2016

Like everyone else, we’ve become obsessed with Pokémon. Here’s Michael showing Matt and Saeunn the Gastly… more


2nd April 2012

Today we took delivery of our brand guidelines for Official London Theatre. Five month’s work in… more


28th July 2014

We edge ever closer to finishing our new site. Here’s Mike putting the finishing touches to… more


26th March 2012

It was Mike’s birthday on Friday, he took the day off, so today we surprised him… more


23rd January 2014

Arts Council England have all but moved out of their Great Peter Street headquarters. When Michael… more