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Dickens illustration

Using pencils, pens, brushes, ink, straws and cocktail sticks, John has created an inky illustration for the Museum of London's next major exhibition.

A couple of months ago we were asked to work on publicity materials for the Museum of London's next major exhibition: Dickens and London.

As we usually do, we worked closely with our clients to create a number of sketched ideas for the project. The brief was to show the conection between Dickens's imagination and the real-life characters he observed on his walking trips around the streets of London.

We were delighted when our client selected this illustration route because it meant that John could have some fun and make a mess.

We've already applied the finished illustration to a publicity leaflet; it'll also feature on a tube campaign, press ads and merchandise.

Dickens illustration

A portrait of John Burton, in black and white

It was great fun, playing with ink and literally getting my hands dirty. I can't wait to see the huge posters on the London Underground.

John Burton
Illustration of Charles Dickens, pencil lines. Illustration of Charles Dickens, final pencil sketch. Illustration of Charles Dickens, ink applied over pencil lines. Illustration of Charles Dickens, extra layers of ink and detail applied. Illustration of Charles Dickens, applied to leaflet cover.

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