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Commonwealth Foundation Annual Review

Together we changed the way that the organisation communicates with its core stakeholders. We reinvented their annual review as a simple, powerful advocacy tool.

The Commonwealth Foundation represents members across 54 countries. It is a unique organisation that exists to: strengthen civil society organisations across the Commonwealth as they promote democracy, advance sustainable development and foster inter-cultural understanding.

We'd been working on their annual review for a few years. We transformed the document from a dry academic tome into a functional communications tool. In 2011 we wanted to push the idea even further. We split the materials into two booklets: a concise communication brochure and the traditional annual report and accounts.

The brochure was produced in larger quantities and can be used as an independent marketing and advocacy tool. When needed, the annual report slips inside the brochure's cover, to form a complete package. The whole production was delivered within the same budget as the previously combined report.

Cover of Connecting Commonwealth People brochure, blue and and dark grey circles of various sizes are connected by thin lines on a lighter grey background, that wrap around the spine
Cover of the Annual Report this time just two large circles feature one blue, one grey, they intersect in the middle creating a third colour again on a light grey background
Two circles overlapping again, closer crop than the 2010 cover.

CF Connectng People Spreads1

The Cog team helped us re-think the brief for our annual report and guided us towards a solution that is flexible, cost-effective and on-brand. Alongside the new annual report, we now have a brochure which is adaptable to all sorts of uses and is a great addition to our communications resources. Cog also managed the printing process for us and we’re delighted with the quality of the results.

Claire Turner
Communications Officer
Example spreads from the brochure showing the continuation of the circle illustration of the cover on the inside and the use of blue tinted full page images
Showing the back cover of the brochure which has a flap that holds the Annual Report the lower image shows the flap open revealing the Annual Report underneath

CF Annual Report Detail Quote

A portrait image of Mike Davies, in black and white

Our design theme was all about connection (between governments and civil society, and between the 54 members of the Foundation). I was particularly pleased with the inclusion of underlined quotes to continue the theme throughout. It’s those subtle details that really bring it to life

Mike Davies
Close up photo of the two intersecting circles on the cover of the Annual Report
Close up phot of the Title on the cover of the Annual Report showing the underline typographic detail
Detail of the circles on the brochure cover showing the thin lines connecting them
Detail of the cover typography from the brochure showing the underline
Detail of the a quote from an image spread showing the typographic details
Detail of the circles on the brochure back cover showing the thin lines connecting them

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