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Commonwealth People’s Forum

This project was commissioned by the organisers, The Commonwealth Foundation, via a global invitation to tender and (paid) creative pitch process.

The People’s Forum is a gathering of Civil Society groups from across the Commonwealth, in the weeks before the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHoGM). 

The Forum exists to debate and put forward proposals and recommendation to CHoGM. The particular challenge was to create an identity that sat alongside the existing CHoGM logo but had a life of its own and could be used in isolation. We adopted an element of their existing identity (the shape that represented Western Australia) and used it to create a colourful pinwheel shape.

The pinwheel shape makes a powerful graphic logo (with a hint towards different nations coming together) and gives us a bold graphic device that we can use in a range of different contexts, from serious reports to more light-hearted communications.

We created the branding amd implemented it on a wide range of publications and materials for the event in Perth, Western Australia, in October 2011.

Commonwealth Foundation : CPF - CPF Logo

A portrait image of Mike Davies, in black and white

It was wonderful to work on a project with such global reach. We produced a conference backdrop used by Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, documents for Heads of Government throughout the Commonwealth, and reports that were submitted the United Nations.

Mike Davies
A5 Guidelines Book with Colourful logo that is reminiscent of a childs pinwheel.
Two double page spreads from the CPF  brand guidelines showing details of the logo.
Two spreads from the guidelines one showing an illustrative divider page with close up of the colourful logo, the second showing the lock up with the sister event the Commonwealth Heads of Goverment Meeting.

Commonwealth Foundation : CPF - Guidelines Spread 2

Pages from the comprehensive brand guidelines, a set of instructions that allowed The Commonwealth Foundation to commission on-brand communication materials in Australia. The last page shown, demonstrates how the CPF logo sits alongside the CHoGM logo in a consistent lock-up.

Commonwealth Foundation : CPF - E Newsletter

The first official outing for the branding, an email invitation to delegates and dignitaries. We designed the email as a 'responsive' template, compatible with mobile phones as well as traditional computer platforms. It was used for many different communications about the event.

Commonwealth_Foundation : CPF - slideshow

Many thanks for the wonderful visual identity for CPF. We felt really proud when we arrived and saw it so well displayed throughout the venue in Perth.  Your designs have really helped us to affirm the credibility of the event and confirm the key association with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Claire Turner
Communications Manager Commonwealth Foundation
Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, speaking at CPF © Brooke Miles / Commonwealth Foundation
Large banner in front of CPF delegate registration desk © Brooke Miles / Commonwealth Foundation
The registration team at CPF, wearing branded t-shirts © Brooke Miles / Commonwealth Foundation
A brochure cover reflected in the surface of a conference table © Brooke Miles / Commonwealth Foundation

4 slideshow images (click image to view)

Commonwealth Foundation: CPF - Opening Programme

A selection of printed material showing the versatility of the pinwheel device.

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