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Junction Youth Panel

Young people can be a challenge to work with; they can be disarmingly honest. This youth panel were wonderfully receptive and interested in the process.

We first met the Museum of London Youth Panel at one of their regular weekly gatherings. We were invited to give a short presentation which we extended into a workshop. Everyone had an input, voting for their favourite visual identities and putting forward articulate arguments for those that resonated most.

Enthused by our session (which was filmed for a BBC documentary) we returned to the studio and began translating their excitement and energy into the perfect visual language for them. Their main need was a t-shirt that could be worn at event and would identify them and provoke conversations with museum visitors.

We presented a number of ideas and Facebook was used to gather feedback. The voting was unanimous and we were able to pursue one clearly preferred route.

MoL : Junction - Junction logo

The J of Junction provides a clearly identifying motif whilst the more subtle reference to a speech bubble gives an extra twist that affords us the opportunity to apply all sorts of different messages within the core identity.

The Junction Youth Panellist logo, for t-shirt

MoL : Junction - Junction logo for t-shirt

A 'Youth Panellist' version of the logo was created to sit on t-shirts.

MoL : Junction - workshop

A portrait of Dave, in black-and-white

It was inspiring to meet with the Youth Panel and learn about the positive work that happens when a varied group of young people get together with purpose

Dave Atkinson
Dave holds a workshop with the Junction youth panel

MoL : Junction - t-shirt printing

Thank you again to all involved in the creation of the logo, the panel really enjoyed participating in its creation and everyone has given really positive responses to it

Rebecca Gilmore
Design Administrator
Screen printing of Junction t-shirts
Close up of screen printing of Junction t-shirts
Close up of Junction logo applied to the t-shirt
Museum of London logo printed on the sleeve
The finished t-shirt, complete with Junction logo
A youth panellist wears the t-shirt

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