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As part of our extensive rebranding we designed their Launch Season brochure, creating a template that could be used for all future editions.

Design is rarely just about producing aesthetically pleasing pages. Venue brochures are a great example of the need to balance a number of competing factors.

The large volumes (120K copies in this case) mean that decisions about size, shape and paper quality have big implications on cost. In this case we chose a traditional A5 format as the best solution for our client's needs. A matt coated stock was selected to give the images plenty of visual punch without cheapening the brand by using gloss pages.

The balance of content is also critical to achieving the best marketing messages, selling both the venue experience and the individual shows. Large-scale, long-run (bigger box office risk) events are grouped and given full pages or the luxury of a double page whilst shorter-run shows are listed in columns.

Events brochure cover with coloured triangular shapes ovelapping and intersecting making different colours and creating a star like shape

The Marlowe Theatre Brochure Cover

How do you convey the breadth of a venue's offering; what goes on the cover? Is it a star performer (with fear of alienating other audiences); is it performance genre (with fear of narrowly defining the offering); or is it a collage? Through workshops with our clients, we quickly realised that the new visual identity would be our cover star, providing a real stand-out from every other venue brochure.

The Marlowe Theatre Brochure Spreads 1

A portrait of Michael Smith, in black and white

It was great to be able to work with The Marlowe team to find the perfect balance between the marketing imagery, supplied by touring shows, and a consistent visual style for the venue.

Michael Smith
Event brochure spreads showing a clean typographic layout over strong coloured backgrounds
High production value photographs of dance performances used as the background to event details on two spread from the events brochure

The Marlowe Theatre Brochure Spreads 2

A huge amount of detailed content is conveyed through an efficient hierarchical system. Key details are in fixed places on each page (making it easy for any reader to find the detail they need, quickly) but the flexible design keeps it from looking regimented or boring.

New brochure covers

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