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Liverpool’s Dream

Theatrical magic-makers Royal De Luxe brought their Giants to Liverpool for the third and final time…. more

Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


19th November 2018

We’ve been converted to a photo studio for the day – we’re bathed in purple light… more


14th November 2018

It’s Cog Night. We’re at Clapham Grand to see Club Classics: the Lips remix (with Emily,… more


13th November 2018

It’s busy in the studio at the moment and our printer is thirstier than ever! Luckily… more


7th November 2018

Sometimes, the best way to make decisions is to just lay everything out and point at… more


6th November 2018

Emily K visited Kemp London’s amazing workshop to explore neon possibilities for our collaboration with MHM. more


5th November 2018

With a little improvisation we’re celebrating bonfire night with our take on the toffee apple. more


2nd November 2018

Alex is having a look through the new Reading Friends materials that we’ve designed for the… more


1st November 2018

Michael and Emily Kerr are at the swanky new Institute of Physics building in King’s Cross…. more