Journal entries ordered by “2011”


23rd December 2011

It’s the last official working day before Xmas, and our last of 2011. We’ll be back… more


20th December 2011

As an occasional break from carols, we’re wading our way through the stodge of NME’s top… more


19th December 2011

Michael brought in this Sunday supplement, featuring our illustration for Museum of London’s ‘Dickens and London’. more


Dickens and London

Through the first half of his bicentenary, Museum of London hosts a comprehensive exhibition about Charles… more


15th December 2011

Much excitement as, after nine months, we’ve published the brand guidelines for The Beaney, in Canterbury. more


14th December 2011

Michael met ex-Cogger, James Hurst for a Xmas pizza. As always, James was full of exciting… more


13th December 2011

It’s Chriiiistmas! We’ve got our baubles up. Here is John, photographing a tiny Michael. more


12th December 2011

Letterpress signs, created for The Charles Dickens Museum, hand-printed by Ocky’s aunt. more


8th December 2011

Putting the final touches to a hand-finished brochure, a lavish pitch idea for a client’s Annual… more


6th December 2011

Michael’s been to the panto in Canterbury: press night at Cinderella. The Marlowe’s Ben and Helene… more


5th December 2011

Sony have sent us this triple platinum album, awarded for John’s design of the anthology -… more


1st December 2011

The first day of advent and we’ve opened our advent tea selection – a different tea-bag… more


30th November 2011

Random browsing in Spotify throws up some occasional gems. This discovery has catapulted itself into all… more


29th November 2011

Guerrilla signage. Ocky was up early to place this cardboard sign on his journey to work…. more


28th November 2011

Delivery day. We’re all stocked up with Xmas teas and biscuits, and there’s a crate of… more


25th November 2011

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for talking through a problem. We all took a couple of hours… more


23rd November 2011

Michael spent the morning at The Commonwealth Foundation, chatting about a new project with Marcie Shaoul… more


22nd November 2011

Michael and Mike have been to the Society of London Theatre, presenting initial ideas for a… more


18th November 2011

Cog Night. Mike and John in the shop of the unknown craftsman at British Museum. Grayson… more


17th November 2011

A quick lunch break during a 4hr meeting with The Conservatoire team and web developer Paul… more


15th November 2011

Michael’s out and about again. Today was a trip to Canterbury Council to pitch for a… more