Journal entries ordered by “2011”


22nd September 2011

This month’s Cog Night was a trip to the Twombly & Poussin exhibition at Dulwich Picture… more


20th September 2011

Once a month our accountant, Chris, pops in to check that we’re using our abacus correctly. more


19th September 2011

Our monthly delivery from Sainsbury’s, restocking our kitchen with coffee, biscuits and all manner of peculiar… more


15th September 2011

On a five hour round-trip (to present our credentials to a poential client) Michael passed the… more


14th September 2011

Guilty pleasures. Dave and Ocky tuck into bacon butties, bought from the local Hungry Hut, burger… more


13th September 2011

A morning session with Florian and Julia from The Charles Dickens Museum, talking logos and website… more


12th September 2011

Mike and Michael spent the evening at Pentagram. An ideas session for the Winning Words project… more


8th September 2011

Ocky and Michael arrive at our first meeting with new client, The Charles Dickens Museum. Ocky… more


7th September 2011

Dryden Goodwin and Imran Perretta, meeting with Michael and George to talk through the detail of… more


6th September 2011

Dave spent the entire day leaning across a lightbox, carefully redrawing the Royal crest of the… more


2nd September 2011

Michael’s venue of choice for informal meetings. This week he met Sydney Thornbury (new CEO at… more


31st August 2011

We received a bumper parcel of goodies from Canterbury Museums: some of the items in their… more


30th August 2011

Getting creative with typography, Ocky is photographing type, underwater for a new show at Watford Palace… more


29th August 2011

It’s a National holiday and the studio is closed. This photo is from Michael’s trip to… more


23rd August 2011

An early morning meeting with Debbie Vanozzi from Oval House Theatre, John showing second stage visuals… more


19th August 2011

We’ve spent the week clearing out old computers. It’s amazing (and depressing) how quickly it all… more


18th August 2011

Michael received this lovely invite to The Marlowe’s gala opening, featuring the logo we designed, many… more


17th August 2011

Kim here for her bi-monthly, final proof of ISM’s members’ magazine: Music Journal. more


16th August 2011

John and Mike, checking every detail of the season brochure for The Marlowe Theatre, a 56pg… more


15th August 2011

Our pinboards are key tools to our work. Mike’s using them to show the spread of… more


12th August 2011

Michael and Mike meeting with George from Ummo, we hope they’ll be partnering with us on… more


11th August 2011

Proofs, proofs and more proofs. John and Ocky and surrounded by sheets from The Marlowe’s brochure… more