Journal entries ordered by “2012”


21st December 2012

Jonathan is taking advantage of a window of downtime, to rehang our gallery of past glories. more


20th December 2012

A very sheepish delivery driver, dropped of this sodden box. It used to contain bottles of… more


19th December 2012

It’s the morning after the night before. We’ve received a stress ball as a free gift… more


18th December 2012

The team enjoyed our December Cog night this evening. We gathered for secret santa presents, a… more


17th December 2012

We’ve received this great christmas card from team at Marc & Anna, it came accompanied by… more


13th December 2012

We’ve had a delivery of 8 new ergonomic chairs, here’s Nicola putting one together, looking forward… more


12th December 2012

Ocky’s been back to the Charles Dickens Museum to meet with Florian and Sophie, and discuss… more


10th December 2012

Following non-stop christmas music in the studio since the beginning of December, today, even the milk… more


7th December 2012

Kim, from the ISM, is visiting the studio today. She’s running through the ISM’s quarterly Music… more


6th December 2012

The Charles Dickens Museum press folder has been delivered by our printers, just in time for… more


5th December 2012

Michael has brought in Advent Tea, we’ve been trying different flavours each day, today we’re having… more


4th December 2012

Michael went to The Marlowe Theatre to watch their Sleeping Beauty panto, Here’s (some of) the… more


3rd December 2012

We spent the evening listening to christmas songs, eating home made mince pies, drinking mulled wine… more


30th November 2012

Here’s Robin, James and Steve the great decorators who have been revamping the Cog studio. more


28th November 2012

Over the years we’ve designed lots of postcards, we’ve had a selection of them on display… more


27th November 2012

Not the best email we’ve had today, our archive has had a catastrophic failure, losing everything… more


26th November 2012

We’re working on the branding for Doncaster’s new performance venue, Cast. Kully Thiarai and Graham Whitehead… more


22nd November 2012

Mike and Michael are at The Commonwealth Foundation, pouring over the detail of their new brand… more


21st November 2012

Michael and ex-Cogger, James Hurst, have been to the Pencil to Pixel exhibition which charts the… more


20th November 2012

We’re thrilled with the Spring Season Brochure and Spotlight Magazine we’ve designed for The Marlowe Theatre. more


19th November 2012

At last, the 3-metre wide sign above the door at The Beaney has been installed. Sadly,… more


16th November 2012

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas… Today we’ve picked names out of “the hat”… more


15th November 2012

Jonathan is getting in the Festive Spirit early, he’s come to the studio today, happily sporting… more


The Architects

Our first Cog Night of 2013 was spent in a freezing-cold unit on an industrial estate… more


14th November 2012

Michael and Ocky have been to Havells Sylvania today to talk about some interesting follow up… more