Journal entries ordered by “2012”


2nd October 2012

Michael’s dog, Molly, popped into the studio today. She did a full sweep of the studio… more


1st October 2012

Michael’s been to the potential venue for the launch of a rebrand we’ve been working on,… more


28th September 2012

Ocky’s had another exciting visit to the Jason Bruge studio. Good to see the Modulator taking… more


26th September 2012

Michael arrived bright and early this morning to see the sun beautifully lighting up the studio. more


20th September 2012

Joe, Michael and Ocky have spent the afternoon chatting through initial ideas for a branding project,… more


17th September 2012

Michael from Tincan popped into the Studio this afternoon. We been discussing websites and making lists. more


12th September 2012

Today has needed some hard thinking. We’ve been sitting in the garden with our unofficial mascot,… more


10th September 2012

Michael has been to the Beaney, here are real people using the Wayfinding signage we’ve designed…. more


7th September 2012

Michael has been to the Culture Geek conference, here he is with his goodie bag, which… more


6th September 2012

John, Michael and Mike have been to the Commonwealth Foundation, where they have been treated with… more


4th September 2012

Mike and Michael went to The Beaney today for its official opening. Here’s Mike, dressing up… more


30th August 2012

John, Ben and Helene from the Marlowe have popped down to the studio for a catch-up,… more


29th August 2012

Michael has fully embraced all that is olympian and today he has been to the Opening… more


28th August 2012

There’s a new “pop-up” sandwich bar, just outside Greenwich Station. Drawn in by it’s interesting exterior,… more


23rd August 2012

We’re having some IT issues today, have been told we need to “make sure Ping traffic… more


22nd August 2012

It’s a good day when we are commended for our work. Alison from Antalis McNaughton came… more


21st August 2012

We’ve received our file copies for the latest edition of The Marlowe Friends membership magazine, Spotlight…. more