Journal entries ordered by “2013”


20th December 2013

Michael’s been preparing the studio for our Christmas shutdown. Here he is grappling with some ice,… more


19th December 2013

The last day of 2013 for the full Cog team (Nicola’s starting her Xmas cheekily early)…. more


18th December 2013

Michael, Ross and Annelise are at ERA (Education Recording Agency) presenting website designs to Helen, Viki… more


17th December 2013

Vicki and Gemma from Theatrical Management Association met with us today; we’re putting the finishing touches… more


16th December 2013

Ross and Annelise caught on camera working on a Cog christmas project, keep an eye out… more


13th December 2013

It’s Save the Children’s Xmas jumper day (text WOOLLY to 70050 to donate £1). Coincidentally, this… more


12th December 2013

Michael and Annelise have been to a swanky Stars Foundation do. Here’s Annelise, on the way… more


The Commitments

I’ve never sat in such an excited theatre audience. This is probably what all jukebox musicals’… more


11th December 2013

Ocky’s been for a Christmas catch up at Cast in Doncaster, with Michael Kent from Tincan… more


Turner & The Sea

One of the benefits of working in the culture and heritage world is that you get… more


10th December 2013

Kim Davenport Gee is here for her bimonthly editing visit. Between amends to Music Journal, it… more


9th December 2013

Mike’s been caught salivating over the tasty foiling on our guidebook for the Charles Dickens Museum,… more


6th December 2013

Some of us are getting a little distracted by the baubles hanging over each of our… more


5th December 2013

Our two new brochures for The Marlowe came in today. Ocky’s after some family fare in… more


4th December 2013

For a change of scenery, Annelise, Ross and Michael are meeting with the Tincan team at… more


3rd December 2013

Michael’s visiting The Incorporated Society of Musicians. This could be his last trip to see them… more


2nd December 2013

There’s an excited buzz in the studio because Ocky’s brought in his large collection of fake… more


29th November 2013

Michael and Annelise have spent the day in Canterbury in back-to-back meetings at The Marlowe, including… more


28th November 2013

Ross is busy talking Annelise and Michael through the site map he’s working on for our… more


27th November 2013

This is David Brownlee on the stairs at SOLT/TMA. This might be the last time you’ll… more


21st November 2013

Michael, Ross and Annelise are at the Educational Recording Agency. They’ve been talking content and resources… more


19th November 2013

Michael’s at a consultation session, convened by the Creative Learning Alliance. They’re discussing proposals for new… more