Journal entries ordered by “2013”


15th November 2013

John Robinson has been in the studio today, chatting with Michael and Ross about a new… more


14th November 2013

Some of us are very excited that it’s just 40 days until Christmas, so today we’ve… more


13th November 2013

Tonight was Cog Night. We went to see the National Youth Theatre’s revival of Tory Boyz…. more


11th November 2013

Today, Michael and Ocky are chatting through ideas and getting inspired in our creative room. more


7th November 2013

Students (June, Poppy, Greg and Mini) from the Digital Design and Branding MSc at Brunel, popped… more


5th November 2013

Michael and Ocky are at the UK Theatre offices, chatting about branding and magazine design. more


4th November 2013

Michael’s been catching up with all the team after a week away. Ross has been animatedly… more


30th October 2013

Ross has been to the Halloween themed D&AD President’s Lecture to see four entertaining speakers talk… more


29th October 2013

We’ve designed a report for the Commonwealth Foundation. File copies have just been delivered so Dave… more


28th October 2013

A bit of wind and some fallen trees have caused travel chaos in London this morning…. more


25th October 2013

We’re continuing our early Halloween celebrations. Today the grim reaper/Skeletor from He-Man/Geordie Dave in a mask… more


23rd October 2013

We’re having new ‘daylight’ lighting installed in our creative room. Our electrician, Jamshid, has been working… more


22nd October 2013

We’re not sure why, but there’s been a mass meeting of men in hi-vis outside the… more


21st October 2013

James Williams from Canterbury City Council has been into the Cog studio today to have a… more


18th October 2013

Michael and Annelise are facilitating a communications workshop with members of the Incorporated Society of Musicians… more


17th October 2013

Michael’s popped in to the Royal Ballet School, to see Annalise Cunild (who we used to… more