Journal entries ordered by “2013”


16th October 2013

Ross is reading through the fourth and final edition of The Centurion newspaper, which we designed… more


15th October 2013

Greg’s checking proofs we’ve received of The Marlowe Theatre’s Spring Season brochure, which we’ve been working… more


14th October 2013

Dave’s busy sketching ideas for our new website, but we’re keeping them a closely guarded… more


11th October 2013

Through the power of the internet, Michael has been sharing his wisdom with a class full… more


10th October 2013

Michael and Ocky are at the British Library, presenting ideas for… well, we can’t tell you… more


9th October 2013

We’ve moved our lightbox to our reception area, now our visitors will have a really creative… more


8th October 2013

Michael’s been to a DBA seminar: Design for Profit. here’s a shaky picture of the prophets… more


7th October 2013

We’ve received copies of the kids googly eye glasses we designed for part of the Family… more


4th October 2013

Mike’s been stocking up on chocolate bars in the hope of winning a bar of gold…. more


3rd October 2013

It’s Ocky’s birthday, he’s now in his mid-to-late-mid-something-or-others. Either way, as he’s shown us, you’re never… more


2nd October 2013

Visiting a potential new client, Michael and Ross had to cross a field full of potentially… more


Museums Show Off

A few months ago, jumping between tweets, I came across Museums Showoff, a bi-monthly event described… more


1st October 2013

Michael’s speaking at a Museums Show-off event in Camden. He has nine minutes to explain our… more


30th September 2013

Michael’s reading an article in The Stage, which he’s written, about the naming of venues and… more


26th September 2013

It’s day one of AGI-Open conference. We’re there, in force, looking awesome and modelling our tote… more


19th September 2013

Ashley, from Stars Foundation, has been in talking through wireframes and designs with Mike (although, in… more


17th September 2013

Michael’s been running a workshop with our new clients from ERA. Amongst those there were Chief… more


12th September 2013

We’ve been for a walking tour of London called “Brothels, Bishops and Bards” for our monthly… more