Journal entries ordered by “2013”


10th September 2013

Geordie Dave’s back in the studio for the next few weeks. We’ve already told the milkman… more


9th September 2013

Ashley from Stars Foundation and Michael and Nadine from Tincan are back in the studio today… more


6th September 2013

It’s Joe’s last day on placement with us. We’re finding it a little difficult to hide… more


5th September 2013

We’ve just received our copies of the Cast season brochure, which we designed. Along with the… more


4th September 2013

A really productive session with Ashley and Jen from Stars Foundation (and Michael and Nadine from… more


3rd September 2013

It’s Greg’s birthday. Here he is, doing his best caterpillar-cake impression (he’s the one on the… more


2nd September 2013

Another week and another meeting with Michael and Nadine from Tincan. This time it was chatting… more


30th August 2013

Mike’s retouching some photography. He’s adopted a low-tech solution to shield his screen from the sunlight. more


29th August 2013

We’re at Bianco 43 in Greenwich, for some authentic Italian pizza, for our monthly Cog lunch…. more


28th August 2013

Michael, Mike and Annelise popped into a cafe for a quick debrief, with Michael and Nadine… more


27th August 2013

We’ve just received copies of the Centurion newspaper we’ve designed for the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s The… more


23rd August 2013

Annelise is off to the seaside for a packed bank holiday weekend. She’s brought her suitcase… more


22nd August 2013

Our work placement Joe’s been hitting the drawing board for a brief we’ve got him working… more


21st August 2013

Michael was an hour early for a new client meeting this morning. As a demonstration of… more


19th August 2013

Joe Weaver is on a work placement with us for the next 2 weeks. Michael’s been… more


16th August 2013

Michael’s been meeting with (two of) the glamorous women at Design Business Association. more


15th August 2013

We’re as pleased as Punch to have secured a new contract with British Library. Michael, Annelise… more


14th August 2013

Mike’s working from a new iMac, he’s been trying to put in a CD, we’ve not… more


13th August 2013

We’ve been to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to see The Tempest for our monthly Cog Night. Luckily,… more


12th August 2013

Mike and Annelise have been working at a photoshoot today with photographer Eric Richmond, a makeup… more


9th August 2013

Mike’s been working long days and into the nights preparing for a photoshoot on Monday. We’ve… more


8th August 2013

Mike’s been making props this week using foam board and a scalpel. We’re a bit worried… more


7th August 2013

Michael’s in Bournemouth, on holiday. Whilst there he’s popped in to see ex-Cogger, John Burton,… more


6th August 2013

Greg’s been casting his eye over our latest piece work for the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. more


5th August 2013

Ocky will be pleased, we’ve just received file copies of this visitor leaflet we’ve designed for… more


2nd August 2013

Greg donned this dashing headpiece today to talk through some amends with Hannah from the Commonwealth… more


1st August 2013

Ross joined staff and volunteers from Making Music this afternoon, on their training day at King’s… more


31st July 2013

We’ve been to the Vanbrugh today for our monthly Cog Lunch. Here we are 20 minutes… more


30th July 2013

We’ve been busy pinning ideas and designs on our creative room walls, and today, Ashley from… more