Journal entries ordered by “2013”


29th July 2013

Top tip for removing permanent marker from a white board. Scribble over the permanent marker with… more


26th July 2013

It’s Ross’s birthday tomorrow. As per Cog birthday tradition, here he is with his birthday cake. more


25th July 2013

Emily, who has been on a placement with us for the past 2 weeks, has brought… more


24th July 2013

Michael’s in Canterbury for the second day in a row. This time here’s there to talk… more


23rd July 2013

Michael’s in Canterbury, running a workshop with The Marlowe Theatre team. There were some pretty intense… more


22nd July 2013

We’re feeling the heat in the studio today, gone 5pm and still over 30 degrees. more


19th July 2013

Michael’s been to the Midlands. He came across an old foe on the wall of mac… more


18th July 2013

After week’s of work, this year’s Arts Council Annual Review was laid before Parliament and published… more


17th July 2013

We’ve been putting big holes on our desks to run wires and what not through. Michael… more


16th July 2013

Emily Rozan has joined the Cog team for the next couple of weeks, on a placement… more


15th July 2013

Ashley from STARS Foundation is here with us and Michael Kent today. We’ve been talking wireframes,… more


12th July 2013

We’ve been to the V&A today to hear Jon Savage and Michael Bracewell talk about David… more


11th July 2013

Ocky’s been ‘hanging out’ with Graham and Oliver from Cast, and Michael from from Tin Can…. more


10th July 2013

Ross is shocked at our decision to join Europe. We’re yet to tell him that the… more


9th July 2013

Making Music were in again this morning and Michael talked through our latest ideas with a… more


8th July 2013

Annelise went down to Greenwich Park on her lunch break this afternoon. It’s looking especially beautiful… more


5th July 2013

Mike casts a critical eye over our design for the new brochure for The Marlowe Studio. more


4th July 2013

Our accountant Mark popped in to talk through our ‘year-end’ figures. This is his 22nd annual… more


3rd July 2013

We have a harsh new environmental policy for the studio: if anyone leaves the toilet light… more


2nd July 2013

We’ve brought the biscuits out as Michael and Ben from Tincan are here, discussing the website… more


28th June 2013

It’s Jon’s last day today, he’s leaving us to start a new life in Leicester. We’ve… more


27th June 2013

We’ve picked up a short run of Family Arts Festival T-shirts. Look out for the logo… more


26th June 2013

Today we had our monthly Cog Lunch, and it was an extra special one as it’s… more


25th June 2013

The team from Making Music popped in this morning. Their head of membership, Barbara Eifler, appeared… more


24th June 2013

Ross has been planning a summer of cultural events, aided by our new Marlowe Theatre brochure. more


21st June 2013

We’ve joined the throng at the RA Summer Exhibition today, for our June Cog Night. more


20th June 2013

Nicola and Ross have been to the DBA Breakfast this morning to hear Greg Orme discuss… more