Journal entries ordered by “2013”


11th February 2013

Just taken delivery of issue 2 of our London Philharmonic ‘The Rest Is Noise’ newspapers, which… more


8th February 2013

Tonight was our monthly Cog Night. We went to Greenwich Dance for The First and Last… more


7th February 2013

Michael met with John and Paula, from the Marlowe, today. They were discussing ways to extend… more


6th February 2013

Ross met with Kirsty and Vicky at the Museum of London today. He presented our idea’s… more


5th February 2013

The scene in Cog’s studio garden this morning. A reminder of how cruel nature can be. more


4th February 2013

Ross has brought in an inspirational tool, to help the team with ideas for a campaign… more


31st January 2013

We’ve moved our library of books into the main studio, here’s Mike flicking through the collection,… more


30th January 2013

Ocky’s been shopping for pipe insulation, not for DIY, but for toy swords, for his son’s… more


29th January 2013

Tonight, Michael’s having dinner with, friend of Cog, Julia Payne from The Hub. A regular catch… more


28th January 2013

This afternoon we had a visit from Museum of London’s Kirsty Inman, she’s briefing Ross on… more


25th January 2013

Nicola’s forgotten a change of shoes, so she’s had to wear her wellies all day. She’s… more


24th January 2013

Michael’s been raving about Fuerzabruta since he went to their show to reopen Roundhouse in 2006,… more


22nd January 2013

Jonathan and Ocky were treated to a snowy tour of Kew Gardens today by Hannah (from… more


21st January 2013

Welcome back Elke. She’s is back with us working on some great projects for the next… more


18th January 2013

The bad weather meant not everyone could make a branding discussion at the TMA / SOLT… more


17th January 2013

Hannah and Marie, from Kew Gardens, came to the studio today to begin working with us… more


16th January 2013

It’s been a cold few days in the Cog studio, waiting for the plumbers to replace… more


14th January 2013

The studio makeover continues, we’ve arrived in the studio today to lovely new carpet, which was… more


11th January 2013

We’ve left the Studio for a team outing to Canterbury, visiting The Marlowe team and Jo… more


10th January 2013

Hannah Thomas and Claire Turner from the Commonwealth Foundation are here today meeting with Michael and… more


9th January 2013

Michael has been to the Royal Horticultural Society today meeting with Fiona Davison. Here she is,… more


8th January 2013

We have a new IT support company, Chris from GenSys is here today making our computers… more


7th January 2013

Mike and Michael are at a meeting with SOLT/TMA, in their swanky Covent Garden offices. L… more


4th January 2013

Extra! Extra! We’ve got our hands on the first edition of The Centurion, the newspaper we… more


3rd January 2013

Keeping up with our healthy new year, Ross has brought in his favourite Christmas present. more


2nd January 2013

Our first Sainsburys order of the year has arrived and we’re starting 2013 as we mean… more