Journal entries ordered by “February 2014”


28th February 2014

We’re fitting a ceiling-mounted projector; Michael’s up in the roof securing wires to the trusses so… more


27th February 2014

Michael’s in an anonymous meeting room in the glamorous West End, discussing our involvement in new… more


26th February 2014

An interesting Cog Night, we’ve been to Dennis Severs’ House, where motto is, “You either see… more


24th February 2014

We’ve been sorting out our old file copies this morning. Ocky’s understandably protective of the last… more


21st February 2014

We’ve just had a delivery from our printers and Nicola’s having a nose through the ‘Trends… more


20th February 2014

Ashley from Stars Foundation is here for a post-launch debrief about their lovely new website more


19th February 2014

Michael’s dog, Molly is paying us a disruptive flying visit; Michael’s spending most of his time… more


18th February 2014

Ross has been to meet Chris Hill, Membership Manager of Royal Museums Greenwich, at the National… more


14th February 2014

An afternoon visit from Croydon College graphics students – lots of great questions and enthusiasm. more


12th February 2014

Michael and Mike are working “together”, making amends. Michael is playing the role of the annoying… more


10th February 2014

We’ve rebranded the Theatrical Management Association renaming them UK Theatre. Ocky is taking some time out… more


7th February 2014

Chris, who provides us with IT support, has been in today updating all our computers to… more


6th February 2014

Michael and Ocky are at the British Library for a catch up meeting about an ongoing… more


5th February 2014

This afternoon, Michael’s been making signs, taking old things down and putting new things up on… more


4th February 2014

We’re close to launching a new website for Stars Foundation. Ashley’s here working through some content… more


3rd February 2014

After waiting for Apple to iron out any inevitable kinks, we’re excited to finally be upgrading… more