Journal entries ordered by “April 2014”


30th April 2014

Michael’s in Canterbury, taking photos of our branding work for The Green Room, the restaurant at… more


29th April 2014

Donna is out learning first aid. Apparently, rule number one is remember to smile for the… more


28th April 2014

The team enthusiastically set about testing the Mars competition clam of 1 in 6 chance of… more


25th April 2014

Know anyone needing 3000 sq ft of warehouse space, with wonderful upstairs neighbours? We’re looking for… more


24th April 2014

Inspired by last night’s trip to see a juggling show, Donna is showing us her circus… more


23rd April 2014

Tonight’s Cog Night was a trip to the Roundhouse (to see some Circus Geeks). We were… more


17th April 2014

The team had an egg and spoon race this afternoon to celebrate easter. Champion egg n’… more


15th April 2014

Ocky’s taking photos of some of our work for the portfolio. But who’s taking his photo? more


11th April 2014

Michael is now a proud Professional member of UK Theatre. Here he is showing off his… more


10th April 2014

Whilst Michael was in Woolwich, talking to a prospective new client, he wandered into this piece… more


9th April 2014

It’s Half Term and Michael’s children have been using the time productively to create a Lego… more


7th April 2014

Ocky is back from Tenerife with some interesting customs he’s picked up. more


4th April 2014

Michael’s been to a WordPress training session. Katherine and Becca from Red Leader are beginning to… more


3rd April 2014

Its Donnas second day and she is already making changes. First on the list is to… more


2nd April 2014

Today is Donna Pearmine’s first day as our new Studio Manager. Welcome to the team, Donna. more


1st April 2014

Michael’s been to the 15th anniversary party of The Cogency, the arts marketing company that he… more