Journal entries ordered by “October 2014”


31st October 2014

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Adrian (from Apple Colour) has driven all the way from Bristol… more


30th October 2014

Our very talented Project Manager, Becca Muir, showed us a drawing she’s done for one of… more


29th October 2014

We’re supposed to be discussing visuals for a makeover of the Stars Foundation website but we’re… more


28th October 2014

It’s all smiles as the engineer from Lascom reworks our phone system to accommodate our growing… more


27th October 2014

Bryony from Turner Contemporary has brought the autumnal sunshine from Margate to her meeting with Sam… more


Turner Contemporary

We’ve been working with the wonderful Turner Contemporary since before the iconic gallery opened in 2010…. more


23rd October 2014

A trip to King’s College (for Jenny and Michael) to talk to the lovely Paul Dorney… more


21st October 2014

One of our developer friends, Morena Fiore popped in with her Mac, this evening, to put… more


20th October 2014

Christine Ayre from King’s College is showing us how to use their photo-library. We love it… more


17th October 2014

Sam’s spending her Friday evening at Camden Arts Centre for the new Glenn Ligon exhibition. more


16th October 2014

Michael’s out for dinner with ex-Cogger, James Hurst, who’s now Digital Creative Director at the renowned… more


15th October 2014

Ex-Cogger John Burton was up in London (from his ABO studio in Bournemouth) for a cup… more


14th October 2014

Michael was very late for tonight’s 14th October 2014 London Film Festival screening of The Salvation…. more


13th October 2014

Michael and Ocky are at King’s College London for a ‘meet the new designers on our… more


10th October 2014

New Cogger Jenny has taken delivery of some printed samples of our new self-promotional book. more


9th October 2014

Michael’s at the Museums Association conference in Cardiff. He’s giving a talk – Branding is all… more


8th October 2014

We’ve just received a lovely new book from Art On The Underground, Sam’s the first to… more


7th October 2014

It’s Jenny’s first day! She’s settling in and already getting used to having her photo taken… more


6th October 2014

Ocky and Michael have been to King’s College. We’ve just been appointed to their design roster… more


3rd October 2014

Joe’s been trying to figure out how to use our new webcam, we’re not sure he’s… more


2nd October 2014

Michael and Ocky have been at The Marlowe all day. This was meeting number one (of… more


1st October 2014

Joe & Ross both received some print today and were very eager to check them out…. more