Journal entries ordered by “November 2014”


26th November 2014

Early start for Michael and Ross. An 8.30 meeting with Fiona Moorhead, from Crafts Council, chatting… more


25th November 2014

Alex and Kate from Creative United popped in to chat about new projects (they weren’t really… more


21st November 2014

Who can resist the temptation to throw packing chips in the air? Not Becca, that’s for… more


20th November 2014

Goddard’s Pie Shop has been voted Greenwich’s best eatery by Time Out this week, so Ross… more


18th November 2014

Our developer friend, Emi has popped in to meet with Sam and Michael. Prizes available if… more


Golden Key branding

We’ve created the branding for Golden Key, a Bristol-based partnership project, working with people with the… more


17th November 2014

The women in black. Sam’s meeting with Jerwood Foundation and Film & Video Umbrella to talk… more


14th November 2014

It’s chilly in the studio. It doesn’t look like his 5pm gin-on-the-rocks is warming Joe up. more


Crying Out Loud

When Crying Out Loud was formed, in 2003, we designed their branding, launch brochure and website…. more


13th November 2014

One of us has been sharing their birthday celebration with the Arts Marketing Association. They are… more


12th November 2014

Michael and Ross are at Protein Studios for the PV of Anthony Burrill’s new project -… more


10th November 2014

At long last, we’re delighted to be able to show-off about the Crafts Manifesto we’ve been… more


7th November 2014

Ross is meeting with George and Antonio from Harrison Parrott, they’re debriefing about our rebranding of… more


6th November 2014

Whilst giving Michael a tour of the Rose design studio, Simon Elliot couldn’t resist peering over… more


5th November 2014

The Creative United team are here. There’s so many of them, they’re having to lean in… more


4th November 2014

Today is an important date in the company calendar. The day Ocky buys his first Christmas… more


3rd November 2014

There are mysterious men sitting in our reception. Rumor has it they are from The Stage. more