Journal entries ordered by “2014”


13th October 2014

Michael and Ocky are at King’s College London for a ‘meet the new designers on our… more


10th October 2014

New Cogger Jenny has taken delivery of some printed samples of our new self-promotional book. more


9th October 2014

Michael’s at the Museums Association conference in Cardiff. He’s giving a talk – Branding is all… more


8th October 2014

We’ve just received a lovely new book from Art On The Underground, Sam’s the first to… more


7th October 2014

It’s Jenny’s first day! She’s settling in and already getting used to having her photo taken… more


6th October 2014

Ocky and Michael have been to King’s College. We’ve just been appointed to their design roster… more


3rd October 2014

Joe’s been trying to figure out how to use our new webcam, we’re not sure he’s… more


2nd October 2014

Michael and Ocky have been at The Marlowe all day. This was meeting number one (of… more


1st October 2014

Joe & Ross both received some print today and were very eager to check them out…. more


30th September 2014

Michael’s in Cambridge, presenting branding ideas to the Cambridge Live team – Sara Garnham, Neil Jones… more


26th September 2014

It’s getting colder outside and Becca has quite smartly chosen to eat in our garden rather… more


22nd September 2014

Camden Arts Centre is closed on Mondays but Michael, Katherine and Sam were given the treat… more


19th September 2014

It’s friday evening, but we’re not packing up just yet. Ross is enthusiastically pinning up work… more


18th September 2014

It’s been a glorious day, Michael and Katherine are at Turner Contemporary in very sunny Margate…. more


15th September 2014

Ross has opened a bike workshop in the studio. He’s very briefly disengaged his creative mind… more


11th September 2014

It’s Cog Night. We’re at the Barbican for their Digital Revolutions show. Ross was clearly enjoying… more


10th September 2014

It’s not pleasant but it is interesting and kind of beautiful; our compost recycling bin has… more


9th September 2014

The Tall Ships Festival has come to Greenwich. Ross popped down to the river during his… more


8th September 2014

Michael’s at a breakfast meeting, to talk websites, with Ashley (from Stars Foundation) and Nadine (from… more


5th September 2014

The Tall Ships may be gathering near our studio, ahead of the big festival in Greenwich…. more


4th September 2014

Michael’s in Cambridge, visiting clients and talking about new projects. They met in a swanky members… more


3rd September 2014

We have take off. We’re working on a project that needs more ‘energy’, according to Ross…. more