Journal entries ordered by “2014”


29th August 2014

In the name of charity, Joe’s been raiding the Cog freezer for ice cubes. He’ll be… more


28th August 2014

Ross is dazzled by our new issue of The Marlowe Theatre Studio brochure, printed in fluorescent… more


27th August 2014

Everyday Frog! Ross spotted this guy hopping around outside the studio this morning. more


26th August 2014

Ross has been to the Crafts Council to discuss last years ‘Collect’ campaign with Fiona, Femke… more


22nd August 2014

Choices, choices. Heather Clark Charrington, from English National Ballet, is here to look over the results… more


21st August 2014

It’s that time again. The bi-monthly visit from Kim Davenport Gee to go through the proof… more

Our Annual Reports for Arts Council England

20th August 2014

Mike’s taken delivery of our Arts Council Annual Review file copies – we’re building quite a… more


18th August 2014

It’s raining again. We’re close to having to use boats to have our stationery delivered. more


14th August 2014

Joe popped out for sandwich as the heavens opened. We all leaned out of the windows… more


13th August 2014

An early morning meeting with Ashley from Stars Foundation. Teas all round plus a massive jug… more


12th August 2014

Ross was on stage at Trafalgar Studios this evening (in the controversial stage seating, introduced as… more


11th August 2014

The design on Ocky’s t-shirt piqued the team’s interest this morning. Mike wasted no time scouring… more


8th August 2014

The crit. After a long week of creative thinking, it’s time to pin up the work… more


7th August 2014

Our studio is next to an overgrown railway embankment. There are blackberry bushes growing as high… more


6th August 2014

Michael’s son came to visit the studio today, and immediately set about testing the temperature of… more


5th August 2014

Ocky’s son came to visit the studio today, and immediately set about testing the temperature of… more


4th August 2014

Lights Out. We’re joining in tonight’s commemoration of the start of WWI by turning out the… more


1st August 2014

Our Cog Night trip was to see the Dennis Hopper, The Lost Album exhibition at Royal… more


31st July 2014

Michael’s at a photo-shoot. He’s standing in for the model, while Ceri from ISM sets up… more


30th July 2014

Ross has been showing us all the things he collected from the museums of Paris during… more


29th July 2014

Say hello to our little friend. Here’s Mike, shaking hands with the spider that lives under… more


28th July 2014

We edge ever closer to finishing our new site. Here’s Mike putting the finishing touches to… more


25th July 2014

Alex and Ashley, from Stars Foundation, popped in to see our garden (and discuss a new… more


23rd July 2014

Today, Dave’s been questioning whether his Cog World Cup photo is a good likeness, what… more