Journal entries ordered by “2014”


Cog World Cup 2014

After a hugely successful 2010, our World Cup sweepstake returns for the tournament in Brazil. more


22nd July 2014

Dave is back in the studio and making a fuss about not getting a ‘prize’ in… more


21st July 2014

The looming figure of Ross and his magnifying glass, comparing photos from last week’s shoot for… more


17th July 2014

Ross has been to the re-roofed Apollo theatre in the West-end, for the stage adaptation of… more


16th July 2014

Mike, Ocky and Ross have been to a DBA workshop at the ICA this afternoon, “Strategic… more


15th July 2014

Ross has been on a photo shoot today. That’s ENB’s Bergona Cao, we’re not sure if… more


14th July 2014

Point away from face and other people’ is the advice that Ocky ignored when letting off… more


11th July 2014

‘Alas, poor Yulerick, I knew him well…’ We’ve taken delivery of some glittery baubles this afternoon… more


10th July 2014

Joe is updating our pin boards with some visual goodies he’s found around the web. more


9th July 2014

Like an elaborate photographic blancmange, the team have been photographing each other photographing each other, in… more


8th July 2014

Donna and Joe have a sneaky game of book Jenga while they pretend to sort through… more


7th July 2014

Excitingly, we’re buying some props in preparation for a photo shoot next week. Mike and Jo… more


4th July 2014

It’s Friday. It’s 5PM. It’s tools down in the Cog studio. Happy weekend everyone. more


3rd July 2014

We discovered Donna has a peculiar and unexplainable passion for binding today as she helped Ocky… more


2nd July 2014

Ross has been mingling with the hundreds of creative graduates flaunting their work at the bustling… more


1st July 2014

We’ve had a go at the #CopaUppy challenge today. Here’s Mike, our reigning champion, with a… more


30th June 2014

We’ve just bought this inspirational poster from the GFDA company. Joe is studying it intently. more


27th June 2014

Michael’s at the ENO for the final performance of Terry Gilliam’s Benvenuto Cellini. more


26th June 2014

Joe’s been here four days and he’s already been on a Cog Night and written a… more


25th June 2014

It’s Michael’s birthday. While he was still opening his card, Ocky wasted no time getting stuck… more


24th June 2014

A sneak peek at our new website, projected onto Ocky as he takes a snap as… more


23rd June 2014

It’s Joe’s first-day of proper employment (since his placement here last summer), and we’ve sent him… more


Brasil:Brazil essay

In 2000 Michael wrote a history of Brazilian music in the programme notes for the Brasil:Brazil… more


20th June 2014

Ross was in the National Maritime Museum Gardens for Muaré, the opening night spectacular of Greenwich… more


19th June 2014

Ross is at the Royal Albert Hall to see a performance by one of our clients…. more


18th June 2014

Ross has been to The Proud Archivist in Haggerston to check out the competition to the… more


17th June 2014

Ross steps into his official role as temporary Twitter commentator for the @cogworldcup, as the evening… more


16th June 2014

Ocky’s enlisted the help of some new friends to get the poses he’s been sketching just… more