Journal entries ordered by “2014”


28th March 2014

28th Mar 2014 Michael’s updating the pictures that greet our guests as they enter the studio. more


27th March 2014

Michael’s paying a visit to ISM’s fancy new offices in Bayswater. Here’s Dave Smith, helpfully posing… more


26th March 2014

The excellent, University of Greenwich student, iamjoeweaver is here to show us what he’s been up… more


25th March 2014

We’re tendering for a new job. Can you tell where it is? Michael and Ocky are… more


24th March 2014

We’re working late into the evening but Ross still has a smile on his face, thanks… more


21st March 2014

We’re working with Red Leader (the wonderful female owned & led agency) on our new site…. more


20th March 2014

The very talented designer and creative director, Marc Atkinson (@marc_atkinson) has popped in for a cup… more


19th March 2014

We are the number one small agency in UK. In The Drum’s review we are #1… more


18th March 2014

After two years as our wonderful Studio Manager, Nicola is leaving and moving to Brighton; we… more


17th March 2014

Ross has got the camera out as he experiments with ideas for a campaign we’re working… more


14th March 2014

Today, Michael’s been eyeing up his winnings. Thanks to the team at Antalis for sending us… more


13th March 2014

Nicola’s been aiding and abetting Michael’s Smarties collection, much to Michael’s delight. more


12th March 2014

Ocky’ spent this afternoon at the DBA ‘Pitch & No Pitch’ seminar, run by Shan Preddy… more


11th March 2014

Mike’s dazzled by our new issue of The Marlowe Theatre Studio brochure, printed in fluorescent. more


10th March 2014

Spring has arrived across the country. The only exception being in Ocky’s larynx, where winter grinds… more


7th March 2014

Michael’s had a visit from old college friend, Rob Sedgwick, who’s just started a film production… more


6th March 2014

The virtual presence of our IT man, Chris, is guiding Nicola through the complexity of Gigabit… more


5th March 2014

We may be a day late with our pancakes but Mike’s no less enthusiastic about his… more


4th March 2014

Michael’s at Arts Council England’s new HQ, in Manchester. It’s the kick-off meeting about this year’s… more


3rd March 2014

Mike’s liberated himself from his computer this afternoon, and has gone brush-in-hand to the creative… more


28th February 2014

We’re fitting a ceiling-mounted projector; Michael’s up in the roof securing wires to the trusses so… more


27th February 2014

Michael’s in an anonymous meeting room in the glamorous West End, discussing our involvement in new… more


26th February 2014

An interesting Cog Night, we’ve been to Dennis Severs’ House, where motto is, “You either see… more


24th February 2014

We’ve been sorting out our old file copies this morning. Ocky’s understandably protective of the last… more


21st February 2014

We’ve just had a delivery from our printers and Nicola’s having a nose through the ‘Trends… more


20th February 2014

Ashley from Stars Foundation is here for a post-launch debrief about their lovely new website more


19th February 2014

Michael’s dog, Molly is paying us a disruptive flying visit; Michael’s spending most of his time… more


18th February 2014

Ross has been to meet Chris Hill, Membership Manager of Royal Museums Greenwich, at the National… more