Journal entries ordered by “2014”


14th February 2014

An afternoon visit from Croydon College graphics students – lots of great questions and enthusiasm. more


12th February 2014

Michael and Mike are working “together”, making amends. Michael is playing the role of the annoying… more


10th February 2014

We’ve rebranded the Theatrical Management Association renaming them UK Theatre. Ocky is taking some time out… more


7th February 2014

Chris, who provides us with IT support, has been in today updating all our computers to… more


6th February 2014

Michael and Ocky are at the British Library for a catch up meeting about an ongoing… more


5th February 2014

This afternoon, Michael’s been making signs, taking old things down and putting new things up on… more


4th February 2014

We’re close to launching a new website for Stars Foundation. Ashley’s here working through some content… more


3rd February 2014

After waiting for Apple to iron out any inevitable kinks, we’re excited to finally be upgrading… more


31st January 2014

Continuing this week’s multi-device theme, Ross is putting the finishing touches to a new website for… more


29th January 2014

Michael was given an early morning preview of the Royal Academy’s new Sensing Spaces exhibition. more


28th January 2014

Our Spotify server has crashed. Everyone is trying to impose their phone’s playlists on the studio;… more


24th January 2014

Michael’s in Royal Tunbridge Wells. He’s popped in to see an exhibition of Dave McKean’s illustration,… more


23rd January 2014

Arts Council England have all but moved out of their Great Peter Street headquarters. When Michael… more


22nd January 2014

It’s Nicola’s *ahem* 29th birthday. We’ve dug out the birthday bunting and making her share her… more


21st January 2014

Our account is here doing our VAT return. Judging by his calculator, he’s not 100% focused… more


18th January 2014

Mike and Michael have spent the day at (with our new clients) the very charming Buckinghamshire… more


17th January 2014

We’ve had a visit this afternoon from our associate (and ex-cogger) John. Feeling right at home,… more


16th January 2014

For our monthly Cog Night we’ve been to the Business Design Centre for the London Art… more


15th January 2014

Ross and Mike are in a very long (and productive) meeting with web magicians Erica and… more


14th January 2014

Ocky is having a hard time deciding which herbal tea, from our Christmas box set, to… more


13th January 2014

Nicola has created a new, studio intranet. We’ll be able to use it as a repository… more


10th January 2014

We’ve been excited about a project we’ve been working on for the past couple of months… more


9th January 2014

We’re delighted to begin working on a project with the Crafts Council today. Michael and Ross… more