Journal entries ordered by “July 2015”


30th July 2015

Kerri Griffiths, from King’s College London’s marketing team is here to brief Jenny on a new… more


29th July 2015

Cake and website training with the lovely team from the Museum of the Order of St… more


28th July 2015

Artist Giles Round is here with Kiera Blakey and Polly Wright from the Art on the… more


A House For Essex

In Wrabness, on the banks of the River Stour, at the north-eastern tip of Britain’s most… more


24th July 2015

The team from the Family Arts Campaign came in to use our meeting room, so Sam… more


23rd July 2015

It’s National Hot Dog Day! (Yes, seriously.) so we took the opportunity to tuck into some… more


22nd July 2015

Sam is with 650 other delegates at the Arts Marketing Association Conference in Birmingham. It looks… more


20th July 2015

We’ve all been using our new Art on the Underground to get to work. Thanks Polly! more


17th July 2015

Sam has been making digital plans with Bryony from Turner Contemporary (as well as plans to… more


16th July 2015

Peter from the Museum of the Order of St John has popped in. Becca is giving… more



Sharks! Swimming Pools! Storms! The Cog team line up their towels on the pool side, ready… more


15th July 2015

Ross is testing some type sizes for signage, under deliberately challenging lighting conditions. more


14th July 2015

“…Her future’s so bright she’s gotta wear shades…”
Somebody forgot her glasses and is wearing her prescription… more


13th July 2015

Sam has been watching Slung Low and a cast of 150 undertake an epic contemporary retelling… more

Our giant hamster rifling the till of the Selector Cafe on Deptford High Street.

Trouble TV – 2003

In 2003 we worked with the digital channel Trouble TV to provide 3-second bumpers that book-ended… more


10th July 2015

Michael’s at a secret session where a panel of girls are voting for who should win… more


9th July 2015

Ross has been at the V&A this evening for the Crafts Council Summer Party. Drinks, Canapés,… more


8th July 2015

We celebrated Wednesday in the office with some very grown-up looking cake. more


7th July 2015

We’re at House of Ferment in Borough Market, a pop-up shop that is the launch event… more


6th July 2015

Ross is all tied up after taking delivery of a 25m extension cable… he’s excited even… more


3rd July 2015

Jenny’s been to the Royal Artillery Barrack Woolwich to see ‘The Four Fridas’ as part of… more


2nd July 2015

Sam has been at an event connecting choreography and robotics – part of a research collaboration… more


1st July 2015

Michael is at the OneDayer music conference. The first panel, chaired by Julia Payne (The Hub)… more