Journal entries ordered by “September 2015”


30th September 2015

Jenny and Becca are at Serpentine Gallery for the private view of Jimmie Durham exhibition: Various… more


29th September 2015

Nickie Hirst from the Department of Creative Professions & Digital Arts at University of Greenwich has… more


24th September 2015

We’ve had our annual visit from the students and staff at Abbey Manor College. Michael has… more


23rd September 2015

It’s Cog Night and the team are experiencing ‘Absent’, a new piece by the immersive theatrical… more


22nd September 2015

We’re having a clear out. Michael’s explaining to Anna how this old fax machine used to… more


18th September 2015

Working to the brief of ‘look as designery as possible’, Ross set the standard for others… more


16th September 2015

Student, Alexandra Marcus popped in to interview Michael about how we’ve designed and organised our studio. more


9th September 2015

Michael’s son, Ryan is here to help us with some research, although we don’t know how… more


8th September 2015

Anna went to Amsterdam and came back with some tasty Stroopwafels… try saying that five times… more


7th September 2015

The fudge Lydia brought back from her trip to Scotland has been banished into the kitchen… more


4th September 2015

Michael’s Arts Emergency badge has arrived in the post and is already being proudly worn. more


1st September 2015

Michael’s at the National Theatre to see Patrick Marber’s Three Days in the Country. Here he… more