Journal entries ordered by “November 2015”


30th November 2015

Michael’s at a board meeting of the National Campaign for the Arts, talking about the recent… more


26th November 2015

Michael’s at a Typographic Circle talk from Bruno Maag (Director of the type company, Dalton Maag). more


25th November 2015

There are lots of dictionary stands and wrapped up Peroni boxes behind the scenes at our… more


20th November 2015

Bryony is deciding the best way to chop lemons for our lemony water: chunks, slices or… more


The art of partnering

Working with King’s College London, we designed the third publication in their series of Cultural Enquiries… more


With And For Girls

Working collaboratively with panels of girls across the globe, we created the branding for this $1m… more


12th November 2015

Jenny has just received the new Studio brochures in the post from The Marlowe Theatre. … more


10th November 2015

Anna and Michael have popped in to see Adam Fennelow at Design Business Association. Here’s CEO… more


9th November 2015

We’ve had a sparkly new, bigger, better scanner. Bryony has found the perfect place to put… more


5th November 2015

Recovering from a foot operation, the rest of the Cog team have sent Becca their best… more


4th November 2015

Sam’s at the Spektrix conference, giving a ‘lightening talk’ about how to get the most from… more


3rd November 2015

A contingent of graphics students, from Croydon College, are here to ask Michael some challenging questions… more

2nd November 2015

Michael and Ross are in Bristol. They’re on a tour round the factory at Apple Colour… more