Journal entries ordered by “2015”


20th January 2015

Way back in the early 90s, World Circuit Records were one of our first clients. Two… more


19th January 2015

It’s blue Monday so Ross has appropriated his tradition of banana smiles to give us a… more


16th January 2015

After hearing the shocking news that Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are no longer coated in Dairy Milk,… more


15th January 2015

Michael, Ocky and Sam are running a communications workshop. It’s the second pub-based activity with Musical… more


14th January 2015

The kick-off meeting for a big new project with Musical Futures was over a tapas selection,… more


13th January 2015

Our printer was feeling the January blues today so we called the doctor who took her… more


12th January 2015

Sam has been at Artsadmin to show Jess the ins and outs of their online application… more


Tree at Old Vic

Written and performed (with Tim Key) by Daniel Kitson, Tree is described as a (relatively) new… more


9th January 2015

Photographer Emile Holba seems confused by Michael’s unconventional approach to keeping his camera straight. They’re chatting… more


8th January 2015

Lydia is taking it easy with a literary, lounging, lunch. She was so engrossed in finishing… more


5th January 2015

Jenny’s killed Xmas. We’ve boxed the baubles and shelved the sparkle for another year. more


2nd January 2015

It’s oh so quiet…it’s oh so still… there’s just three of us here. It’s so peaceful… more