Journal entries ordered by “2016”


22nd December 2016

In a break from tradition, Michael is letting Melissa defrost the freezer as part of our… more


21st December 2016

Michael has given Melissa a beautiful vintage Goblin Teasmade as a farewell gift. Frequent tea rounds… more


20th December 2016

Michael and Anna are at Urdang Dance Academy, squeezing in a project planning meeting before everyone… more


19th December 2016

Sugar high… sugar low. Anna’s had an overload of sugary Christmas treats…. and it’s all just… more


16th December 2016

Ben’s brought us some home baked vegan treats on his last day interning at Cog. Thanks… more


15th December 2016

Melissa’s at the cinema watching a live screening from the Wyndham Theatre of the National Theatre… more


13th December 2016

Michael, Becca and Anna are in Canterbury, running a communications workshop with the lovely people from… more


12th December 2106

Sæunn’s ready to launch the beautiful new Graeae website… happy days!! We’re really proud… more


8th December 2016

Happy Birthday Sæunn!! A sparkly card and two cakes to celebrate our very hard working Project… more


Cog Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas and don’t we know it. The Cog studio is filled with festive songs, all… more


5th December 2016

Exciting! Dan’s got a copy of the King’s College brochure he’s been working on. It’s almost… more


2nd December 2016

Cheers. We’re wishing Melissa well after she’s let the team know she’ll be leaving at the… more

The cast and creatives enjoying a well deserved round of applause

Akram Khan’s Giselle

Akram Khan’s influences from Kathak and contemporary offer a striking take on the classic romantic ballet,… more


30th November 2016

It’s time for our annual visit from Abbey Manor College. Michael shared some insights and fielded… more


The Infinite Mix

With their main gallery closed for renovation, the Hayward Gallery team have moved offsite for this… more


29th November 2016

Ooooh! A parcel… how exciting. Melissa presents the post with a flourish. It’s proofs from the… more


25th November 2016

The Christmas colander of joy gets passed around by some foolish imp, working on behalf of… more


23rd November 2016

Michael’s received an artwork from Bob and Roberta Smith, made especially for the National Campaign for… more


22nd November 2016

Anna and Melissa got so inspired by the rainbow outside the office today that they decided… more


18th November 2016

We’re working on something in the studio, it’s secret for now but it involves some dancing… more


17th November 2016

Michael’s spent the afternoon in the library at Shoreditch House. He was there to take part… more


16th November 2016

Fresh off the printing press, it’s King’s College London’s School of Law Profile report. After lots… more