Journal entries ordered by “May 2016”


31st May 2016

It’s a soggy return to the studio after the long weekend. Anna’s prepared with her favourite… more


27th May 2016

Strange creature sighted in the Cog jungle… presumed to be friendly. more


25th May 2016

Multiple personas… these are the faces we use when we run ‘persona’ based workshops. Ocky’s rounding… more


24th May 2016

Ollie, Barbara and Ben from the Making Music team have popped in to meet with Michael… more


20th May 2016

Anna and Sæunn pulling out the moves as part of the Big Dance Pledge, a worldwide… more


18th May 2016

The return of Digital show and tell = Matt and Melissa playing 80s arcade style quiz… more


17th May 2016

Michael and Anna are at The Marlowe in Canterbury. Here’s Anna being given a tour of… more


Sæunn and the staple family… Preparing for a presentation, it’s important to find the right tool… more


13th May 2016

A very sad goodbye to the one and only Ross Granger. Though he looks quite happy… more


12th May 2016

Denim is the new black. Or orange. Matt, Sæunn and Anna make one tough line up…. more


11th May 2016

We’re gathered down the pub for the first of what may be many leaving drinks for… more


10th May 2016

Matt the memory man. We’re having to upgrade the memory of all our new Macs, to… more


9th May 2016

Ladies who lunch… Iced coffee and hilarity in the studio garden on a sunny Monday. more


Ride t-shirts – 1991

In the last of his #Cog25in25 entries, Michael writes about the projects that kicked-off Cog, including… more


6th May 2016

Happy Birthday Dog! Wait no, Happy Birthday Cog!
Michael received an anonymous giant birthday cookie in the… more


5th May 2016

Thanks to James Hurst and Bruno Maag for coming to talk to us this afternoon. Lovely… more


4th May 2016

We’ve split into two teams for a 24hr design challenge – to produce an online presence… more


3rd May 2016

What a catch! In between his many stag parties Ross likes to find time for a… more