Journal entries ordered by “August 2016”


25th August 2016

Lydia from Art on the Underground has come to see us and talk websites with Becca…. more


24th August 2016

Today we had an “emoji design workshop” inspired by Arts Council England’s #70things challenge. So we… more


23rd August 2016

For our August Cog Night we’re off to see Stuart Bowden’s ‘Wilting in Reverse’ at Soho… more


22nd August 2016

The Great British Bake Off is starting this week and, coincidentally, so is The Great Cog… more


18th August 2016

Michael’s in Hammersmith for a first meeting with new clients, Lyric. Catrin John gave him a… more


17th August 2016

Photographer Marcia Chandra is here to give Matt a quick lesson in packshot photography. more


16th August 2016

Who goes there? A Magicarp has infiltrated the studio… Melissa’s not sure what to think, the… more


15th August 2016

Deliberation and discussions… decisions need to be made about the next issue of our Cultural Calendar. more


12th August 2016

On a hot and sunny Friday afternoon a colourful array of ice lollies are the perfect… more


11th August 2016

Becca and Sæunn met up with the LUX team today to talk through the new website… more


10th August 2016

10th August 16
It’s three years since Emily Rozan was here on a placement before she started… more


9th August 2016

Melissa and handy handle man Gaby are getting to grips with malfunctioning window closure mechanisms. more


8th August 2016

Sæunn won tickets to see The Truth at Wyndham’s Theatre and therefore gets an honorable mention… more


5th August 2016

We sent out our first monthly Cog Cultural Calendar today where we share some highlights, reviews… more


4th August 2016

Happy Birthday Anna!! A Beyonce themed card and two cakes, courtesy of Becca and Melissa. Bring… more


3rd August 2016

Matt, Becca and Sæunn went to Graeae’s London 2012 Paralympics panel event at the National Theatre…. more


2nd August 2016

Michael brought back some Croatian wafer biscuits so of course the team promptly built a Jenga… more


1st August 2016

Sæunn’s new yoga mat has arrived… She’s very excited to meet her new friend. more


29th July 2016

Melissa is making every corner of the office a brighter place, including our mind map men’s… more