Journal entries ordered by “May 2017”


31st May 2017

Matt’s made a cake to celebrate Dan’s birthday. But we didn’t have enough candles to do… more


30th May 2017

Dave and Jess, from The Gulbenkian, are here for training in their new website’s content management… more


26th May 2017

Today is the start of the Greenwich Book Festival. Emily is marking the occasion by tidying… more


25th May 2017

Michael’s been to a Typo Circle talk by one of his design heroes, the remarkable Simon… more


24th May 2017

OK, it’s been a complex couple of days, so we feel justified in cracking open the… more


23rd May 2017

Oooh, embossing. Our latest piece if print, for King’s College London, has just arrived in the… more


22nd May 2017

Admiring their work, Anna and Jack take some time out to look at the designs for… more


Hearts for the Arts

A campaign design that recognises the joy, excitement and life-enriching quality of the arts. more


19th May 2017

Jack at Culture Geek geeking out with Mar Dixon, Chris from Royal Opera House and Will… more


18th May 2017

Jack’s off to the Museum Next event tomorrow. He’ll be armed with these new ‘bizfolios’. Ask… more

Anna and Tom were getting into the zone for the quiz at The Museum of the Order of St John.

17th May 2017

Cog night!

Anna and Tom were getting into the zone for the quiz at The Museum… more


16th May 2017

Mathilde has popped in for training on the new English National Ballet website. more


15th May 2017

Jack and Matt were at the Royal College of Music today to chat about the next… more


Speculative pitching

Why won’t we take on unpaid creative pitches? Are we delusional, thinking clients might change their… more


11th May 2017

Anna can’t wait to get stuck into some hands-on binding for a client. more


10th May 2017

Matt’s back!

Bringing the Spanish sun and yummy Turrón treats from his holiday. more


9th May 2017

Two friendly men popped in today, testing the success of next doors sound proofing from our… more


8th May 2017

We’ve made sure our Cog cupboard is ready to supply Michael with his daily tea fix…. more


5th May 2017

Peter and James, from Soho Theatre, are here to ‘discuss design’ for their new website. more


4th May 2017

Michael has bought along some fruitastic nibbles for the team today. more


3rd May 2017

The gang’s all here for digi show and tell. Sam popped in with Jesse, and Razvan… more


2nd May 2017

It’s our annual discussion day. We’re spending it at Michael’s house, in the wilds of Kent. more