Journal entries ordered by “2017”


11th May 2017

Anna can’t wait to get stuck into some hands-on binding for a client. more


10th May 2017

Matt’s back!

Bringing the Spanish sun and yummy Turrón treats from his holiday. more


9th May 2017

Two friendly men popped in today, testing the success of next doors sound proofing from our… more


8th May 2017

We’ve made sure our Cog cupboard is ready to supply Michael with his daily tea fix…. more


5th May 2017

Peter and James, from Soho Theatre, are here to ‘discuss design’ for their new website. more


4th May 2017

Michael has bought along some fruitastic nibbles for the team today. more


3rd May 2017

The gang’s all here for digi show and tell. Sam popped in with Jesse, and Razvan… more


2nd May 2017

It’s our annual discussion day. We’re spending it at Michael’s house, in the wilds of Kent. more


26th April 2017

Anna certainly knows how to bring summer into the Cog studio with her fab Strawberry smoothies more


25th April 2017

Michael, Jack and Matt are at South London Gallery, showing initial website designs to their team. more


20th April 2017

Moya has travelled up from Margate to chat with Becca and Jack about the Turner Contemporary… more


19th April 2017

John, Helene and Ben from The Marlowe are here. Becca is guiding them through the backstage… more


18th April 2017

We are stocking up, ready for Drinks Thing on Monday – do you think we have… more


Graeae website

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to create an engaging and accessible website for… more


13th April 2017

Jack has been busy in the creative room, site mapping for one of our clients. more


11th April 2017

It’s Cog Night, we’re upstairs at the Bunch of Grapes for an event called ‘Learn To… more


10th April 2017

We’ve had a dripping tap the Cog kitchen for a while now. Thankfully a nice plumber… more


7th April 2017

Croissants, cake and Coke Zero. We’re meeting with Dan from English National Ballet, chatting about their… more


3rd April 2017

Welcome back from Madeira Matt – the cake is being well received in the studio! more


31st March 2017

Michael is at University of Greenwich, meeting degree students and offering advice on their portfolios (and… more

The Cog team, looking down through Wellcome Collections wonderful new spiral staircase.

30th March 2017

It’s Cog Night, we’re at the Wellcome Collection for their Electricity exhibition. more


29th March 2017

Michael’s at The Marlowe. His visit coincided with a photoshoot of the auditorium. He found himself… more