Journal entries ordered by “October 2018”


30th October 2018

Michael and Jack are at the BFI for the launch of Reading Friends, a projects we’ve… more


29th October 2018

After so many yummy bakes and an increase in all our waistlines our Cog star baker… more


25th October 2018

We’re hosting the thrice yearly meeting of the agencies on the design roster for King’s College… more


24th October 2018

Felicity, Chloe and Philippa from Opera Holland Park are in the studio to go through designs… more


22nd October 2018

We’ve swapped Emilys! Emily K is stepping up to the plate while Emily R is away…. more


Liverpool’s Dream

Theatrical magic-makers Royal De Luxe brought their Giants to Liverpool for the third and final time…. more


19th October 2018

Dan from ENB is in the studio chatting about changes we’re planning for their site. more


16th October 2018

How many designers and project managers does it take to lay down new grass? Quite a… more


15th October 2018

It’s officially Dan’s last day with us but we’re sure he’ll be back very soon. Cheers… more


10th October 2018

Paul and Laura are here from Julie’s Bicycle. They’re chatting with Dan and Michael about the… more


9th October 2018

The lovely people at Spektrix have sent Jack a Rowan tree to say thank you for… more


5th October 2018

Michael’s been talking branding at an ABO training event for marketing and fundraising professionals. more


4th October 2018

Anna and Michael are at Rich Mix for the launch of their new season (and branding… more


3rd October 2018

It’s week 6 of the Cog Bake Off! Dan’s made an indulgent chocolate fudge cake. more


1st October 2018

Anna and Michael are at a fancy meeting space in W1, chatting with artist Grace Weir,… more