Journal entries ordered by “2019”


18th November 2019

Ed and Lucy are introducing New Zealander Toni to the concept of the John Lewis Christmas… more


15th November 2019

Michael’s at the Spektrix conference, talking about empathy. Here’s his view from behind the podium. more


14th November 2019

Michael’s talking to the team about the importance of image compression and how GIF should be… more


13th November 2019

Lucy and Michael are at the Southbank. The lovely people from their digital team have been… more


12th November 2019

Faye’s here, from the National Campaign for the Arts, chatting with Michael about their plans for… more


8th November 2019

London Calling. Anna and Jen are on a video call to Newcastle and the lovely people… more


7th November 2019

Making Music’s Liz Clark is here. She was pleased to spot the campaign we designed for… more


5th November 2019

Jen and Anna are booking tickets to Newcastle for their meetings with Tyneside Cinema. more


28th October 2019

Honor and Laura, from the Sherlock Holmes Museum are here for a training session, learning how… more


25th October 2019

It’s Daisy’s last day with us. She’s been an invaluable intern. One of her projects was… more


24th October 2019

This morning’s ‘sharing’ (led by Razvan, who is here from Romania for a few days) was… more