Journal entries ordered by “August 2019”


30th August 2019

Our lovely freelancer Tonie has brought us a cake and an amazing card to say bye. more


27th August 2019

Jen and Claire are at The Comedy Store, chatting about websites. A great excuse to grace… more


23rd August 2019

Farewell Kristina, it’s been great having you here for your internship. Hope you’ll be back to… more


22nd August 2019

It’s Thursday sharing and Jen’s been talking to us about the Wells Comedy Festival. more


20th August 2019

Anna, Jen and Michael are in Manchester, getting to know the team at The Comedy Store. more


19th August 2019

After our Cog night some of the team grabbed a quick photo and chat with Mitch… more


16th August 2019

Our meeting room has been transformed into a photo studio. Bronwyn Sharp is shooting a new… more


14th August 2019

Annie and Hannah, from UK Theatre, are here to chat with Michael and plan for next… more


12th August 2019

We’re finalising the detail, and chatting about launch dates, for the new ABTT website. more


8th August 2019

Wednesday-sharing (on a Thursday). Lucy took us on an historic walking tour around the studio. *team… more