Journal entries ordered by “2020”


5th March 2020

Tommy and Seb, from The Comedy Store are here to chat about a final polish of… more


4th March 2020

Philippa and Chloe from Opera Holland Park have popped in to talk about print with Anna. more


3rd March 2020

Ed’s won the Everyday Cog competition for March and earned himself these delicious biscuits. more


2nd March 2020

Kathleen’s back from Australia and brought us biscuits as well as Claire’s favourite savoury snacks. more


27th February 2020

We are not artists. A great breakfast briefing talk – Roisin Johns talking to us about… more


26th February 2020

We’ve got some matching outfits again. Jen and Anna are rocking an orange, blue, and white… more


25th February 2020

Ed’s demonstrating that successfully flipping a pancake requires a lot of concentration. more


21st February 2020

The lovely people from Belgrade Theatre have travelled from Coventry to see us (and get training… more


19th February 2020

Kristina’s popped into the studio to chat to Anna about her portfolio. She was very impressed… more


18th February 2020

Everyone’s concentrating so hard today that no one noticed Ed stand on the table to take… more


6th February 2020

Michael’s at South London Gallery, meeting with Hannah and Anna, and catching a glimpse (and an… more


5th February 2020

The lovely people from Akram Khan Company are here to chat with Anna, Jen and Michael… more


4th February 2020

Jen forgot to bring any treats back from Valencia. Luckily Anna’s got spare waffles from Amsterdam. more