Journal entries ordered by “2021”


21st April 2021

It’s National tea day. Michael’s settled in with a cuppa, watching Ticketsolve’s all day webinar. Up… more


19th April 2021

Emma, Anna and Michael are running a workshop with The Foundling Museum. Their first website (in… more


15th April 2021

Hugh Topping from crowdEngage led our breakfast briefing this morning. We enjoyed a live demo of… more


13th April 2021

Michael’s chatting with Bonnie Turnbull about art, performance and website experiences. more


9th April 2021

Anna and Michael are chatting with The Marlowe’s Ben and John – there’s talk of reopening… more


8th April 2021

Emma has come full circle and returned to the desk she began lockdown at over a… more


7th April 2021

Michael’s been chatting about art with curator and artist, Bren O’Callaghan. more


6th April 2021

Michael, Anna and Alex are online to Manchester, hosting a workshop and talking about audiences. more


1st April 2021

Emma and Anna got to go to a real life meeting this afternoon, extremely exciting and… more


31st March 2021

It’s the first day that Michael’s chickens have been let out of (bird-flu) lock-down. Hannah saw… more


25th March 2021

Digital Director at CT Consultants Dan Lukas led our breakfast briefing this morning. He chatted to… more


23rd March 2021

We’ve had some new kit delivered for the new team members who are joining us soon. more


22nd March 2021

Ed popped into the studio last night to do some bits and bobs. The fish were… more


18th March 2021

We started working from home a year ago today. Ed’s written about a year in lockdown… more


17th March 2021

Ed’s picked up a paper copy of The Stage. It’s great to see our branding for… more


16th March 2021

We were fortunate enough to be joined by Deborah the rabbit at our meeting this morning,… more


15th March 2021

Ed’s bought a poster from one of his favourite RA exhibitions, which arrived today. more


12th March 2021

Jen’s been sent a cushion of a saintly Theresa May. She’s not Theresa May’s biggest fan… more