Journal entries ordered by “May 2021”


26th May 2021

Alex, Anna and Michael are on a tour of the roof and bell tower at Winchester… more


24th May 2021

We’ve just sent out our May Newsletter, packed with case studies, studio updates, and a walk… more


21st May 2021

Ed’s alone in the studio today but he’s being closely watched by an avian friend. more


19th May 2021

Cog Night! We’re out at an actual live event – ENB provided the perfect, feel good… more


18th May 2021

We’re pressing the go live button on the first of a few sites for Selladoor. It’s… more


17th May 2021

Emma smugly took this photo in the morning protected from the rain, by the afternoon the… more


14th May 2021

Alex and Michael are running a workshop with the lovely people at Winchester Cathedral. more


12th May 2021

Kristina’s set herself a reminder to feed the fish while Ed’s away. more


11th May 2021

Tomorrow is Ed’s birthday. We’re celebrating early before he takes some days of leave. more


10th May 2021

Ed’s on a virtual lunch time tour of Chris Burden’s exhibition ’14 Magnolia Double Lamps’, led… more


7th May 2021

Emily’s working from the studio for the first time today which means she’s had her first… more


6th May 2021

Our breakfast briefing was with the wonderful Pamela McCormick, founder of UD Music, providing support for… more


5th May 2021

It’s our annual discussion day today. We’re on Zoom chatting about the past, present, and future. more


4th May 2021

The Guardian’s 200th anniversary and Cog’s 30th coincide, almost to the day. Michael’s reading a copy… more