Journal entries ordered by “June 2021”


30th June 2021

Team ENO came to the studio today for one of our first in person meetings this… more


25th June 2021

It’s Michael’s birthday today. He’s sharing his cards at our end of week Zoom. more


24th June 2021

Louise Sloper kicked off our Breakfast Briefing by showing us the leaflets she’d designed whilst interning… more


21st June 2021

Nick and Ed were very happy to show off the new screens we got for the… more


17th June 2021

We’re at Drawing Room’s biennial for our June Cog Night, where co-director Mary is pointing out… more


15th June 2021

“It feels too designed”. Michael’s turned to our automated design director for inspiration today. Press the… more


14th June 2021

We had a great morning with the enthusiastic Derby Theatre team. There were surprisingly few cats…. more


11th June 2021

Inspired by Emma’s desk fan earlier in the week, the team have found their own ways… more


10th June 2021

Our breakfast briefing this morning was led by Robin Townley and Paddy Dillon who told us… more


8th June 2021

Alex had some help from Harris the puppy to launch our latest site for the team… more


7th June 2021

It’s Nick’s first day in the studio so he’s had his tour and fire safety briefing more


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The world wide web is constantly evolving and expanding. How do we achieve the best balance… more


1st June 2021

Alex and Michael has a meeting at Old Royal Naval College so it seemed rude not… more