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4th August 2020

Michael spent the afternoon on a Zoom call with the team from Making Music. He was… more


3rd August 2020

Anna and Michael tuned in to hear Kristina talk about her degree show project ‘Journey to… more


31st July 2020

On the hottest day of the year so far we’re keeping cool with our Friday playlist. more


29th July 2020

Emma’s listening to Chris Unitt talk about Google Analytics this afternoon. more


23rd July 2020

For our breakfast briefing this week we were joined by visual artist and curator Krishna Balakrishnan. more


22nd July 2020

Alex has been at Cog three months which means he gets his keys to the studio. more


20th July 2020

Emma had some company from her nephew whilst working this afternoon. He didn’t sit still for… more


16th July 2020

Jen Bartle from the ICA gave a great breakfast briefing on their ICA Daily lockdown content. more