Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


2nd October 2017

It’s week 2 in Cog’s imaginary big white tent… Becca’s baked us chocolate cherry tarts, with… more


3rd November 2011

Michael’s been taking photos for updates to our website. Here he is capturing the beauty of… more


19th July 2018

Drama in venue one at Rich Mix as Jack and Anna prepare to share some initial… more


18th October 2011

The ISM team has expanded hugely since our rebrand. Today we played games with the new… more


9th November 2015

We’ve had a sparkly new, bigger, better scanner. Bryony has found the perfect place to put… more


15th June 2018

Hemali Patel and Gerard Darby are here to meet with Matt and talk about the… more


6th March 2012

Michael spent the afternoon at the Commonwealth Foundation. Photography wasn’t encouraged. more


8th August 2012

We’re putting together a pack of different digital camera kit for a photoshoot. Our Olympus Pen… more


7th February 2014

Chris, who provides us with IT support, has been in today updating all our computers to… more


6th September 2011

Dave spent the entire day leaning across a lightbox, carefully redrawing the Royal crest of the… more


30th January 2012

On the mantle, at the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Michael spotted the DBA Design Effectiveness Award… more


19th January 2017

We’re at Soho Theatre for our January Cog Night, that’s Richard Gadd peering over our shoulders. more


27th January 2016

Spectacular. The Cog women are all modelling sample frames from Sam’s selection box. more


3rd April 2013

Chocolate Quest at Kew Gardens is now in full swing. Great to see our tasty-looking poster… more


14th April 2015

We are on day 3 of our themed playlists. Today we can only listen to songs… more


5th August 2016

We sent out our first monthly Cog Cultural Calendar today where we share some highlights, reviews… more


27th July 2012

The Olympics are here, the opening ceremony is just a few hours away and there are… more


6th August 2014

Michael’s son came to visit the studio today, and immediately set about testing the temperature of… more

4th Feb 16

4th February 2016

Michael has been using our whiteboards to sketch out a site-map for a new website we’ve… more


14th November 2012

Michael and Ocky have been to Havells Sylvania today to talk about some interesting follow up… more


29th January 2014

Michael was given an early morning preview of the Royal Academy’s new Sensing Spaces exhibition. more