Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


9th November 2016

This afternoon we’re having a party to celebrate Sam and say bye for now. She’s off… more


5th November 2015

Recovering from a foot operation, the rest of the Cog team have sent Becca their best… more


25th February 2013

Jon commits death by chocolate. We’ve finished our work on Kew Gardens’ Easter campaign (Chocolate Quest)… more


5th September 2014

The Tall Ships may be gathering near our studio, ahead of the big festival in Greenwich…. more


13th April 2012

Ocky’s first meeting with the writer, Jo Murphy, who we’re working with on an exciting new… more


8th November 2017

Dan has been working on animations for the new Theatre Hullabloo website. We’re all a little… more


9th June 2015

Michael’s at the thrice-yearly meet-up with designers on the King’s College London roster. more


28th January 2014

Our Spotify server has crashed. Everyone is trying to impose their phone’s playlists on the studio;… more


27th June 2013

We’ve picked up a short run of Family Arts Festival T-shirts. Look out for the logo… more


29th June 2016

A mysterious present arrives for Ocky… the surprise gift is revealed to be a prettily packaged… more


19th April 2012

Mike and Michael have been to The Beaney. They were left alone to run amok in… more


17th October 2014

Sam’s spending her Friday evening at Camden Arts Centre for the new Glenn Ligon exhibition. more


22nd February 2017

It’s late in the evening and we’re here detailing the design snagging of a new site… more


12th November 2014

Michael and Ross are at Protein Studios for the PV of Anthony Burrill’s new project -… more


28th February 2014

We’re fitting a ceiling-mounted projector; Michael’s up in the roof securing wires to the trusses so… more


24th May 2017

OK, it’s been a complex couple of days, so we feel justified in cracking open the… more


29th May 2013

On his way in to work this morning, Ross noticed a poster we designed for… more


20th June 2013

Nicola and Ross have been to the DBA Breakfast this morning to hear Greg Orme discuss… more


9th February 2012

An old-school afternoon, mounting work – the once ubiquitous 3M SprayMount, 10A scalpel blades, a steel… more


Find Your London

Working with the Mayor of London’s office on a new festival, celebrating London’s amazing outdoor spaces. more


24th September 2015

We’ve had our annual visit from the students and staff at Abbey Manor College. Michael has… more