Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


12th September 2013

We’ve been for a walking tour of London called “Brothels, Bishops and Bards” for our monthly… more


8th May 2012

Michael and John, discussing the results of the brand workshop we held for the Cambridge Corn… more


13th July 2017

Becca is leading the session to train the team from Soho… their new site is on… more


26th March 2015

Becca and Sam met with Emma and Rosie from Camden Arts Centre to talk through plans… more


19th March 2014

We are the number one small agency in UK. In The Drum’s review we are #1… more


9th May 2014

Michael’s at Collect, at the Saatchi Gallery. He bumped into Femke from Crafts Council, looking at… more


22nd September 2015

We’re having a clear out. Michael’s explaining to Anna how this old fax machine used to… more


10th January 2018

Gerard and Ami are here to chat with Matt and Michael about the Entrepreneurial Institute at… more


24th February 2012

A beautiful Spring day in Greenwich, Michael went for a lunchtime meeting at the Gipsy Moth… more


2nd October 2014

Michael and Ocky have been at The Marlowe all day. This was meeting number one (of… more


21st February 2018

We’ve designed a review for the Wimbledon Foundation. Hard copies have just arrived so Dan’s having… more


23rd April 2019

Alex had a great catchup with Céline, Nathan and Hannah from Akram Khan Company. more


9th November 2011

Michael’s been to the Royal Academy of Dance to discuss the next stage of our branding/promotions… more


20th December 2017

We might be cheating a bit, with our beer-based advent calendar: some of us are selecting… more


14th November 2012

Michael and Ocky have been to Havells Sylvania today to talk about some interesting follow up… more


30th August 2012

John, Ben and Helene from the Marlowe have popped down to the studio for a catch-up,… more


1st May 2015

In Berlin the May Day celebrations are in full swing. Erica is out in her lunch… more


4th November 2014

Today is an important date in the company calendar. The day Ocky buys his first Christmas… more


9th July 2012

We’ve designed the graphics for the site hoarding at the Charles Dickens Museum. We’re sorry to… more


11th March 2019

Anna’s received copies of the latest edition of Law Profile, which we designed for King’s College… more


19th September 2011

Our monthly delivery from Sainsbury’s, restocking our kitchen with coffee, biscuits and all manner of peculiar… more


6th September 2011

Dave spent the entire day leaning across a lightbox, carefully redrawing the Royal crest of the… more


20th May 2011

A day trip to Birmingham for a credentials pitch to a potential new client. more