Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


20th October 2016

English National Ballet’s Daniel and Heather are here to look through their latest website designs. more


10th March 2016

We could’t figure out why our highest ranking on Spotify was by Red Hot Chilli Peppers,… more


23rd June 2011

A huge, red, ‘signed off’ email, the official approaval for a new website project’s designs. more


2nd January 2014

The tree’s down, the decorations are packed and the Cog studio is looking like its old… more


17th November 2011

A quick lunch break during a 4hr meeting with The Conservatoire team and web developer Paul… more


9th January 2014

We’re delighted to begin working on a project with the Crafts Council today. Michael and Ross… more


19th March 2012

This is Dan Bown (no jokes about the Illuminati please). Today is his first day with… more


5th July 2016

We’re running a workshop at English National Ballet. The mirrored room is a bit intimidating. more

Our Annual Reports for Arts Council England

20th August 2014

Mike’s taken delivery of our Arts Council Annual Review file copies – we’re building quite a… more


5th December 2011

Sony have sent us this triple platinum album, awarded for John’s design of the anthology -… more


7th January 2013

Mike and Michael are at a meeting with SOLT/TMA, in their swanky Covent Garden offices. L… more


20th October 2017

Rebecca Gleave, from ISM, is here, chatting with Michael about our work on the My ISM… more


17th January 2012

We’re delighted to welcome back ex-Cogger Elke Pettitt, who’s here as a freelancer for the next… more


20th May 2011

A day trip to Birmingham for a credentials pitch to a potential new client. more

Our giant hamster rifling the till of the Selector Cafe on Deptford High Street.

Trouble TV – 2003

In 2003 we worked with the digital channel Trouble TV to provide 3-second bumpers that book-ended… more


15th April 2016

Michael and Anna are meeting with new clients, Victoria Morris and Ali Bailey of Directors UK,… more


18th October 2013

Michael and Annelise are facilitating a communications workshop with members of the Incorporated Society of Musicians… more


22nd June 2016

Roll call. Melissa’s checking that we’ve all evacuated the building safely during out fire-drill. more


5th May 2011

First meeting with our new client, Sylvia, from Arts Council England. more


4th October 2017

Céline and Max from the Akram Khan Company came into the studio today to chat about… more


17th October 2014

Sam’s spending her Friday evening at Camden Arts Centre for the new Glenn Ligon exhibition. more