Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


18th October 2016

Michael’s learning to be a mentor for University of the Arts London. Here’s his late-night training… more


6th September 2018

Michael’s at the Royal Festival Hall for a catch up with fellow National Campaign for the… more


26th June 2017

Emergency action in the office: Until a leak is fixed, Emily is bailing out the pond… more


10th July 2018

Anna and Michael are at University of Manchester, running a workshop with their Creative Manchester team. more


13th January 2016

It’s our monthly digital show’n’tell. Over lunch we’ve been talking about our favourite websites and web… more


9th August 2012

Michael’s visiting the light sculptor / art engineer, Jason Bruges at his studio in Old Street…. more


31st October 2014

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Adrian (from Apple Colour) has driven all the way from Bristol… more


29th March 2012

Michael’s spent the afternoon putting together our latest eflyer, set up and timed to go out… more


22nd July 2014

Dave is back in the studio and making a fuss about not getting a ‘prize’ in… more


21st December 2017

It’s our last day before the holidays. As is tradition, Michael is enjoying the task of… more


3rd November 2015

A contingent of graphics students, from Croydon College, are here to ask Michael some challenging questions… more


10th November 2011

Michael’s out again. A multi-meeting tour of London, ending at the Museum of the Order of… more


3rd August 2017

We had our monthly show and tell today where we share websites that we’ve liked. more


18th March 2013

Continuing with our studio revamp, we’ve said goodbye to our old desks and drawers and replaced… more


12th September 2013

We’ve been for a walking tour of London called “Brothels, Bishops and Bards” for our monthly… more


7th July 2011

We number our proofs but when he reached proof number 19, Ocky abandoned that approach. more


21st February 2018

We’ve designed a review for the Wimbledon Foundation. Hard copies have just arrived so Dan’s having… more


9th December 2014

The end of Michael’s first board meeting with the National Campaign for the Arts. Still round… more


4th October 2012

It was Ocky’s birthday yesterday. He needed no encouraging to don his ‘Birthday Boy’ badge whilst… more


10th May 2018

Winners! Razvan, Anna and Jack are celebrating their victory in Tuesday’s Scavenger Hunt. Each received a… more


21st July 2014

The looming figure of Ross and his magnifying glass, comparing photos from last week’s shoot for… more


28th February 2014

We’re fitting a ceiling-mounted projector; Michael’s up in the roof securing wires to the trusses so… more


1st August 2017

Matt and Jack are studying the AMA conference notes as Jack writes his journal entry. more


7th November 2012

Nothing like leaving it to the last minute, here’s Ross putting the finishing touches to Michael’s… more


26th January 2017

Another day, another delivery. Sæunn’s just taken delivery of a package that’s as tall as her. more