Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


4th March 2016

We’ve been looking at some fancy print samples from one of our favourite suppliers – can… more


We are here

Could this exceptional project shape attitudes towards public investment in the arts?

On 1st July 2016… more


10th May 2013

On his way home, Ross stopped to watch the sunset over The Thames – it’s nice… more


12th June 2019

Anna, Jack and Jen are at Discover to meet some of their board members and talk… more


4th December 2018

Josephine and Brett are here, from King’s, to chat with Anna and Michael about next year’s… more


16th December 2019

Ed’s launching our week-long Christmas project on Twitter and Instagram. Look out for our daily videos. more


16th August 2017

Freya from SLG popped in today to be trained on a temporary site that we’ve built… more


29th June 2018

Alex and Jack have been to see the team at Impact to chat about content for… more


27th June 2013

We’ve picked up a short run of Family Arts Festival T-shirts. Look out for the logo… more


1st June 2016

The new Maroon 5… Our spontaneously synchronised colour choices demonstrates our dedication to one of the… more


12th March 2012

Michael was at the Commonwealth Observance at Westminster Abbey, safely distanced from the Queen and Prince… more


23rd January 2017

A mystery package has arrived for Dan. Actually it’s a proof of the brochure he’s designed… more


11th January 2016

Becca is meeting artist Joy Gregory and her assistant Louise to show them round the new… more


3rd October 2017

It’s always lovely to visit the Impact offices – they make great tea. Anna and Michael… more


7th January 2013

Mike and Michael are at a meeting with SOLT/TMA, in their swanky Covent Garden offices. L… more


16th April 2020

We had a great chat with Rachael and Nicola from Tessitura Network this morning. more


20th May 2016

Anna and Sæunn pulling out the moves as part of the Big Dance Pledge, a worldwide… more


31st May 2012

Michael has been out and about visiting clients today. On his travels saw lots of flags… more


18th November 2016

We’re working on something in the studio, it’s secret for now but it involves some dancing… more


9th July 2012

We’ve designed the graphics for the site hoarding at the Charles Dickens Museum. We’re sorry to… more


1st June 2017

We had our monthly digital show and tell today talking about which websites we’ve seen and… more


4th June 2013

Michael has spent the morning at the Commonwealth Foundation, for a quarterly catch up about their… more


27th March 2013

Michael and Ocky are in Canterbury for a meeting at The Marlowe. Whilst in town, they… more