Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


11th July 2012

Nicola has been on a training course with the ITC at the Albany, Deptford. They were… more


18th February 2015

Sam and the Creative United team have been checking out the London fashion week setup during… more


With And For Girls

Working collaboratively with panels of girls across the globe, we created the branding for this $1m… more


4th March 2020

Philippa and Chloe from Opera Holland Park have popped in to talk about print with Anna. more


26th June 2013

Today we had our monthly Cog Lunch, and it was an extra special one as it’s… more


25th April 2017

Michael, Jack and Matt are at South London Gallery, showing initial website designs to their team. more


23rd December 2011

It’s the last official working day before Xmas, and our last of 2011. We’ll be back… more


10th July 2014

Joe is updating our pin boards with some visual goodies he’s found around the web. more


28th June 2011

Canadian student and illustrator, Anthony Gerace, has joined us for the summer. more


1st March 2016

Our publicity campaign for Find Your London Festival is online. Here’s Becca showing it off. more


10th April 2013

Natalie from the DBA has been in to the studio today, chatting with Michael and Annelise… more


7th February 2014

Chris, who provides us with IT support, has been in today updating all our computers to… more


24th August 2017

Emily has been at the British Red Cross, practising her CPR on her team and Annie… more


1st June 2016

The new Maroon 5… Our spontaneously synchronised colour choices demonstrates our dedication to one of the… more


24th October 2019

This morning’s ‘sharing’ (led by Razvan, who is here from Romania for a few days) was… more


10th May 2012

Michael and Ocky are at the opening of British Library’s Writing Britain exhibition. You’ll find them… more


1st May 2018

Michael’s been to see our friends at William Joseph. Here are Directors James Gadsby Peet and… more


27th January 2016

Spectacular. The Cog women are all modelling sample frames from Sam’s selection box. more


1st August 2016

Sæunn’s new yoga mat has arrived… She’s very excited to meet her new friend. more


14th May 2015

Sam has been at Sadler’s Wells to see Rambert, and also checked out the mural which… more


30th October 2012

We’ve just had delivery of the 2011 Brand New Awards book, Ross is enjoying having a… more