DBA membership brochure & poster

We’ve been members of the Design Business Association (DBA) for many years, so it was exciting to be involved in their latest campaign, aimed at encouraging existing members to renew their membership.


Our solution was a personalised brochure wrapped around a brochure. The poster is folded so the recipient’s name appears on the cover and then unfolds to show the company they keep as members of DBA.

The DBA team knew, through research, that a primary driver for joining (and the retaining membership) was a sense of belonging so that was our starting point. They also wanted a more traditional mechanism for conveying the benefits of membership. And, of course, it had to be produced cost-effectively; no one wants to see their membership fees wasted on lavish brochures.

The tricky bit was shifting the full list of members so that we could keep it alphabetical but still highlight the recipients name and position it in the right place. In the end we had to admit that there was no other way: we produced 450+ individual pieces of artwork and each poster was printed as a bespoke digital print.

This project was featured on the For Print Only design blog.









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